Top 12 Hand Grip Exercises

Why Handgrip Exercises

Why Handgrip Exercises

This article will cover the best hand grip exercises that can be done to build up hand strength and the forearms. There was a good point raised that sometimes people work on the showy muscles and there is nothing wrong with this. But this process overshadows building up the non-showy muscles like the hands, fingers and forearms. The forearms play a major part in your workouts and when these are strong the rest of you will become strong as well. Another important aspect to work on is the grip. Why should you work on your forearms anyway?

If you are a weightlifter and you are engaging in various weightlifting exercises you forearms actually grip the weights. Just doing everyday living like mowing the lawn, rock climbing or swimming a strong hand grip is important to have. If you hold your kids or drive, or ride a bike you use your hands to hold those little people and those objects.

It is claimed and supposedly backed by a study that hand grip strength can determine your overall fitness. People with weak hand grips will die earlier from cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases. In this study  researchers examined many medical health records and determined that weak hand grip strength reflects poor muscle tone and excessive weight. Excessive weight can cause a lot of harmful health issues. How the researchers connected hand grip strength with overall health is not known. It was also concluded that men with weak hand grip strength would pass away earlier than those who had strong hand grip strength.

If you have massive muscular tissue than your bones will be protected from damage as will the joints be protected. The opposite is true if you have weak muscular tissue. There will be less muscle to cover and protect the bones and joints from being damaged.ow to the actual handgrip exercises.

Five Different Classes of Grip Exercises

Five Different Classes of Grip Exercises

  • Crush Class:This is where you wrap your hand around something and you squeeze it. You use this action every time you grab a dumbbell.
  • Pinch Class:You grab something with your fingertips and use only the fingertips to squeeze the object you are holding and you don’t let the object drop. It Can also be pinching something with just your fingertips like you would pinch a clothespin.
  • Supporting Crush Class:Here you will put a crush hold on the object mainly using all of your fingers. You need to have strong fingers for his type of hand grip exercise. Every Time you carry a dumbbell, dead lift weights or carrying a grocery bag by it’s handles.
  • Open Crush Class:You use a crush group where the fingers do not touch or overlap. Fat or akard objects to hold would be good to use the open crush grip if you are carrying these objects . If you become proficient at this type of grip you would have no problem  opening a jar lid.

  • Hand Extension Class: This type of exercise is not a hand grip exercise but it does indirectly strengthen the forearms and your grip.

1) Famous Farmer’s Walk

Famous Farmer’s Walk

The beauty of this exercise is that it s so easy to do. It will not damage the joints or put a star on them. It s ideal if you have a wrist injury or you have limited joint mobility


  • Secure a dumbbell weight or a kettlebell in each of your hands.
  • Put your head up and straighten out the back and relax the shoulders into a loose position. Making sure your limbs are hanging horizontally down by the sides
  • Walk around your space for several seconds. Walk for 45 seconds to 60 seconds without dropping the weights.

2) Pull Up Bar Hang

Pull Up Bar Hang

The forearms are key in being able to do pull ups. This is the most effective exercise to build upper back, bicep and shoulder strength. These areas of the body need to be strong because when they are your weightlifting routine will go a lot farther. It involves no movement but it will buffer your forearms. It will also streghe your foams so you canperformaction exercises.



  • Grab a pullup bar and station your hands palm up on it. Put the hands about shoulder length apart.
  • Raise your feet into the air
  • Hang as long as you can stand to


This exercise will really build up the hand grip and forearm strength.

3) Rack Suitcase Isometric Hold

ack Suitcase Isometric Hold

This exercise will be a little more difficult but it will give you strong forearms and a strong hand grip. You will be holding a weight loaded barbell and you will have to rip it and hold onto it tightly to  balance bar and keep it balanced.


  • Put a barbell on a rack and put weights on either side of it.
  • Stand so the bar is positioned on your left-side.
  • Pick up the bar with your right arm and hold it for 30 to 60 seconds.

4) Plate Pinchers

Plate Pinchers

This is a simple beginning handgrip exercise. It will test your strength and it will hurt. You can choose how much weight you want to hold.


  • Choose two weight plates of whatever weight you want to use.
  • Crush the weight objects using just a thumb and a forefinger and lift up .
  • Hold the weights up
  • Hold in the air for 45 to 60 seconds
  • Don’t drop the weights on your feet

It is a difficult exercise but it will buffer your hand grip strength.

5) Dumbbell Rotations

Dumbell Rotations

This  exercise will work on your biceps and forearms.  It would be an ideal exercise to add to your arm exercises routine. You will have to work at getting the exercise form correct. But one you do it will build up the forearm muscles.It will greatly enhance hand grip strength as well.


  • Get yourself a pair of weights and let them hang horizontally on either side  
  • Lift them up halfway and hold them.
  • Do not move your arms. Now twist your arms as to the right as you can.
  • Twist your arms to the left as far as they will go
  • Repeat each side until you have done twenty twists on both sides.

This particular exercise will buffer your biceps while you develop gat hand grip strength.

6) Hand Gripper Exercises

Hand Gripper Exercises

You can take hand gripped anywhere. They are very small and very portable. You know the next time you have a few minutes of downtime pull out the hand grippers and go to work. These will really help to buffer hand grip strength. You don’t need heavy-duty hand grips ones that are lightweight will work just as well.

Ascending Pyramid Handgrip Exercise


  • Squeeze with the right hand once then squeeze with the left hand once.
  • Squeeze with the right and twice then squeeze with the left and twice.
  • Squeeze with the right hand three times then squeeze with the let and three times.

Now you got the hang of it so squeeze ten more times this will end the set. You will want to work up to 55 repetitions per st The next level s to do 100 repetitions with both hands without stopping.

7) Towel and Rope Pull Ups

Towel and Rope Pull Ups

If your local hangout exercise pace has climbing ropes then us them. Climbing up the rope will be your daily exercise it will strengthen your biceps, arms, hds, and upper body. If you don’t have access to a climbing rope then use a towel and or shorter rope to pull yourself up with.     

Using the ropes will add strength to the arms.


  • Wrap a short rope about three feet long but no shorter around the pull up bar.
  • Do not grip the bar but grip the rope.
  • Pull up

If your forearms are not strong enough to do this exercise than use an alternative option. You can do pull ups with a towel. Set one hand on the towel and the other hand on the pull up bar. Pull yourself up. This will be very good for your forearms.

8) Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz

This device will make resistance training that much more difficult.The fat gripz are handles you attach to your pull up bars, dumbbells, barbells and kettle bars. They are wider than the bar you put them on. Your and will not be able to fully grip the bar. This will make it impossible for your hands to to completely grip around the bar. Your grip is open and you will not have as much strength in your hands when you use a this open grip. If you use the full grip your hands will have a strong grip. This is the whole point you are enhancing your rip by using the open grip.

These devices can be used on so many different weightlifting exercises. And the best part is you will have to work super hard to keep a grip on the bar. It will strengthen your grip tenfold and you forearms will benefit greatly.You can turn any exercise into a handgrip exercise.

9) Wrist Curls

Wrist Curls

It is time for you to try a little more weight. This next handgrip exercise is a little more advanced. Really you need to be careful not to strain your wrist joints because they are delicate. Chose a weight you can handle. Be careful doing this exercise.


  • Take a barbell with weights on it or not. Put your hands in a curl grip with the palms of the hands up. Keeping the hands close together.
  • Station the elbows and forearms on a weight bench make sure your arms are lying flat on the weight bench. Your wrists and the weight bar need to be hanging off the weight table.
  • Lift your hands upward and your wrist should move with your hands in an upward curl motion. You should do three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions per set. The total repetitions should be between 36 to 45.

Alert: You can easily strain your wrists with this handgrip exercise if you try to curl too much weight. Use the right weight for your wrists you will feel the pressure in your forearms.

10) Hex Holds

Hex Holds

This is one of the better hand grip exercises to try at the gym. You can use any shaped dumbbell you can grip properly but your best bet is to use a hexagon-shaped dumbbell.


  • Put a hex-shaped dumbbell so it is set horizontally toward the sky
  • Grab one end of the hex-shaped dumbbell and lift it off the ground.
  • Hold it in the air for about 30 to 45 seconds

This is one of the better open grip exercises around and it will enhance your hand grip and forearm strength immensely. The ten listed hand grip exercises listed above are guaranteed to strengthen your grip and your forearms. You should use them at the end of your regular workout. Use about two of the exercises. You will build up your forearm strength before you know it. It activates the synergistic muscles and extends to the muscles you use to grip. This will keep your hand and wrist muscles string. This will prevent injury to those muscle groups. It will also keep them from being overworked.   

11) Barbell Holds

Barbell Holds

The squat rack is the equipment of choice for this exercise. Set the pins a few inches off the ground and lock the squat bar in. Which is just under where you would set a deadlift at. The purpose here is not to do a deadlift actually but hold the bar for a set time. Hold the bar with a double overhand grip and hold the hands about shoulder length. Stand straight and erect like you would in the deadlift lockout stance. For beginners holding the barbell for 3 to 5 seconds is good. Do this about three to five different times.

12) Band it or Sand it Hand Extensions

Band it or Sand it Hand Extensions

As  mentioned earlier these are not exactly grip exercises but they will strengthen the grip and the forearms indirectly. They will also help to prevent injuries to the grip and elbow muscle groups.  

The first hand extension or finger extension exercise is the band stretch. Place one band or two if you prefer around your fingers. The fingers should be together.  With The band or bands around the fingers stretch the fingers apart and hold them in that position about one minute. Use time or reps to measure how many sets intend to do. You can buy a band or save yourself some money and use a bad that broccoli comes tied in. You can use a thick rubber band or the rubber bands that people wear. Whatever the source just make sure it is a band.

This is a weird one but get yourself a bucket of sand. Next, put your hand it hold the hand in a karate posture. Next, spread your fingers out touching the surface of the sand.  You can either track it by time or count our sets of repetitions. Both of these hand extension exercises will strengthen your grip and buffer your forearms.

You can really benefit from these hand grip and hand extension exercises because they will buffer your hand grip strength and your forearm strength. These exercise are cost effective and you will spend a very little amount of money equipment if any.

Handgrip Exercise Benefits

Handgrip Exercise Benefits

There are some takeaway benefits from doing handgrip exercises. We use our hand s to do so many activities in life. Having stronger hands and forearms would make life easier. You could work with your hands for longer periods of time. If You have stronger hand, muscle and joints you will reduce the risk of hand injuries. You can pick up heavy items with confidence knowing you won’t drop them because you have a strong handgrip. If you are not the image thing then working your forearms will buffer those muscles making them bigger. Your arms will look bigger and stronger. On a practical level you will be able to carry things for much longer periods of time because of a stronger grip For instance you could carry your luggage all day long without dropping it.

What if you are in a job that requires you work with your hands all day? Let us say you are an auto mechanic and you are using your hands and forearms all day long. You could suffer arthritis from weak joints. By strengthening your hands you could prevent arthritis from attacking your joints and bringing inflammation the joints. For sure you could work for hours using your hands and you could be preventing future hand injuries from coming your way.


You have learned some practical handgrip exercise to buffer your hand grip and your forearms.There are so many of these types of exercises toy just need to find the right one for your area of concern. Another plus is if you buy pocket-size hand grippers you can carry them anywhere. You could pull them out and start doing hand grip exercises. Why not get started today?