Lime Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Citrus fruits are some of the world’s most helpful plants as they are not just consumable, but they have quite a lot of helpful properties for various industries.

One of the most helpful types of citruses are limes, which are said to be from a hybrid citrus family.

It is uncertain where or how limes were developed, but historians believe it was first discovered and produced in some parts of Southeast Asia before it was traded as a commodity Mediterranean and the African regions in 1000 CE. By the 19th century, many sailors used lime as an alternative to lemon or other citrus fruits to prevent the onset of scurvy. This military technique by the British sailors enabled them to remain at sea for a long period of time and earned them the nickname “Limey” due to their use of Limey.

Limes can be used in various ways depending on where a person wishes to use it for. If you wish to use it as a juice, the fruit can be squeezed to get its juices. Lime juice can be used for limeade, the lime version of lemonade, and as a component for some of your favorite cocktails. Usually, cocktails with a sour component has lime juice in them. The juice is also great for some very good guacamole and Yucatan’s famous lime soup.

Limes can also be preserved to add more flavor to them. The practice of preserving limes started in the late 19th century and it became on high demand as a snack treat or for different types of relishes. For Indians, lime pickles are staple to several dishes such as the Onam Sadhya.

Aside from its juice, lime peels also have its uses, especially when it comes to extracting its essential oils. In order to get its essential oils, lime peels are placed in a machine that would cold press the peel to secrete the oils. When extracted, it would be noted that the oil has a yellow to green color and it comes off with an aroma that definitely hints its citrus background.

According to studies, limes and its essential oil has high antioxidant properties, as well as other nutrients. Aside from antioxidants, lime essential oils also have high levels of hydrocarbons such as a, b, and d pinene, sabinene, camphene and terponolene. Also, it has oxygenated compounds, geranyl acetate and neral acetate.

What gives lime essential oils its scent is due to the high level of Germacrene B. With this element, the oil gives out a sweet and woody scent that separates it from lemon oil.

Many consider lime essential oils as the most versatile essential oils available in the market today due to the myriad of benefits it has in various levels. However, it is important to remember that while it is non-toxic, lime oils are similar to citrus oils to the extent that it is photo-sensitizing. If you will be using this on your skin, do not expose yourself to UV rays for 24 hours because it can damage your skin. It is also not ideal to take this essential oil internally unless directed on how to use it properly by experts. 

If you have the go signal from your doctor or you would like to use it in some other areas, here are some of the ways you can use lime essential oils:

For Cooking

For Cooking

Lime, in itself, is quite good to add a citrus touch in any dish, may it be for appetizer or dessert. If you find yourself unable to find fresh lime juice in your travels, you can purchase lime essential oils to serve as an alternative for lime juice. Some even said that it would do wonders if it is added in beer. 

For promoting child health

For some parents, getting children to drink water can be a difficult task as some may try to run away when it is time for them to drink up. To help with this problem, add a few drips of lime essential oils on the water and stir it before offering it to them. The scent will immediately throw them off into thinking it is invisible lime juice.

For slowing down bleeding

Lime essential oils are also considered to be great haemostatic or an agent that helps stop bleeding. When it is taken, the oil would reduce the speed of the bleeding by stimulating the blood vessels to contract and stop the bleeding.   

For detox

Some essential oils are quite good for the body, especially when one wishes to cleanse their internal organs from toxic chemicals and other substances. However, some essential oils are not very appetizing and sometimes, people tend to avoid it when possible. With lime essential oils, it both taste good and it helps your internal organs. If you want to add more flavor to the oil as you consume it, you can add a drop of the oil to your favorite or in a glass of water and stir well before taking it.

For better digestive health

Take Care of Your Digestive System

Like any other citrus fruit, lime has a very appetizing scent and taste that would make anyone crave for it. If you lost your appetite for some reason, you can intake a few doses as your aperitif to get your digestive system working. When taken, the lime oil would trigger the digestive system to produce digestive juices into your stomach before you eat and increase your appetite.

For treating bacterial infections

Lime essential oils come with components that makes it a great alternative as a bactericide if you don’t have medicines at stock. Studies have cited that lime essential oils can help treat patients who have been food poisoned, suffering from diarrhea, cholera and other bacterial infections. It is also capable of treating bacterial infections internally and externally either through air diffusion, or dabbing some of the oil through the help of a cloth on the affected surface.

It is important to remember that you must dilute the oils if you will be using it on sensitive skin. As noted above, lime has a high acid content which may sting and cause an infection if it is used haphazardly.

For disinfecting foods and the body from infections

Aside from being a good bactericide, lime essential oils are also perfect as disinfectants. If a person adds a few drops of it on food, it ensures that the food won’t get spoiled easily due to microbes in the air. When it is consumed, it cures the body’s internal infections. When a person uses it for their scalp or skin, it creates a shield that would protect the skin, scalp and wounds from any infection and helps it recover. Also, if it is diluted and used in the scalp, it protects the scalp from lice and strengthens it to prevent early hair fall.

For stopping sore throat

Lemons and other citrus fruits are often recommended by doctors as a way to cure sore throat

Lemons and other citrus fruits are often recommended by doctors as a way to cure sore throat. Put a few drops of the lime oil in your favorite tea and drink. You can also add it with warm water and use it as a gargle to ease the soreness of your throat.

For colds

Citrus fruits are often recommended for people who have colds and limes are not an exemption to this fact. Simply stir a few drops of lime essential oil into water and let it do its course when you drink the infused water. You may also massage some of the lime oil into key parts of the body to help the body breathe.

You can also add lime essential oil with grapefruit and lavender oil to create a vapor therapy blend that can help soothe your throat and decongest your sinuses.

For fever

Aside from helping the body fight infections, lime essential oils have high antiviral and antibacterial properties that would help the body recover from fever

Aside from helping the body fight infections, lime essential oils have high antiviral and antibacterial properties that would help the body recover from fever. Since it is also quite refreshing to take, it will help the body cool down faster, especially if you combine it with similar essential oils like peppermint.

For diffusing the house

Any citrus scent is good to freshen up a home and lime is no exception to this fact. If you have a diffuser at home, you can add a few drops of lime essential oils with your other favorite essential oils to liven up your home. You can also use a few drops of lime essential oils to make your own linen spray or air freshener. If you wish to make one yourself, you can check out a variety of recipes or blends which would work well with lime essential oils.

For supplements

Lime Essential Oil

Some essential oils have medical properties which can be similar to how medical supplements work. With its citrus properties, lime essential oils can help your medications to boost your immune system and add more antioxidants in the body that would help clear your system from radicals that can cause cellular damage. Similar to how you can take it as a detox supplement, you can add a few drops of the essential oil to your favorite foods or drink.

For extra energy and vitality

If you do not want to purchase tonics that can be very expensive at best, adding a few drops of lime essential oils on water each day would help boost your energy levels. The oils would help restore vitality throughout the body. Some patients who have just recovered from injuries and illnesses have been recommended to try out lime essential oils and they reported it worked similar to a tonic.

The tonic effect produced by lime essential oils also helps bolster a person’s vitality and helps you feel young. It also slows down aging symptoms, especially if you take it regularly.

For beautiful skin and hair

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Citrus is not just good on the inside, it is also good on the outside as well. With a few drops of lime essential oils in a cotton ball or with your favorite facial toner, you would be able to notice a difference with your skin’s complexion and you would feel lighter. Lime essential oils have great exfoliation properties, helping you to get rid of those stubborn dead cells that may clog your pores. For those with oily skin, adding a few drops of essential oil into your usual cleanser would produce better results and clear your face in ease.

You can also use lime essential oils on your favorite salt or sugar scrub to get those hard to reach dead skin in your body and even use some of it with your deodorant or shampoo.

If you use it with your shampoo, lime oil moisturizes the scalp and removes excess oil, which causes dandruff and other scalp problems.

For oral health

Using lime oil actually helps protect the gums from infections and bacteria coming from food or various activities involving teeth

Using lime oil actually helps protect the gums from infections and bacteria coming from food or various activities involving teeth. When there is no infection or bacteria in the mouth, lime oils helps strengthen the gums and ensure that tooth loss is prevented.

For calming one’s nerves and blood pressure.

Whenever a person hears any citrus fruit in a conversation, it would not be surprising they would immediately attribute it to the summer season. Summer is a great time to unwind and lift one’s spirits up, especially when they have been working tirelessly all year. Whether you combine it with your other favorite essential oils or just use it on its own, lime essential oils can help you improve your moods. It is ideal to try this out after a busy day or before events that would require your full focus like an exam or travel.

Stress and exhaustion can also attribute to high blood pressure for some people. With the help of lime essential oils in their shampoo, drink or lotion, the scent would help the person calm down and ultimately allow them to relax to drop their blood pressure back to a minimum.

For relaxing your foot after a long day

If you have been walking or going around all day, tendency is, your feet would be complaining. Add a few drops of lime essential oil with spearmint oil on warm water and dip your feet in it for a relaxing foot spa. Not only will you feel refreshed after soaking your feet on the homemade foot spa, you would also notice that your feet would feel revitalized and free from any dead skin. 

For cleaning

Aside from helping your house smell clean, lime essential oils are also quite good in helping out around the house, especially if you need to clean some very stubborn stains or greases. With some drops of lime essential oil on your cleaning cloth or on the affected area itself and see how fast it can be removed. Lime essential oil can make it easier to remove the greasy or sticky feeling you sometimes feel on countertops, kid’s toys and in the garage. It is also quite potent when used, which is why it is an effective alternative to standard cleaning solutions in the market.

You can also add a few drops of this essential oil to your sponge when cleaning your dishes to get rid of the food that got stuck on your plate and other substances. It also ensures that your dishes are not sticky once it dries and it gives off a very zesty aroma.

For perfumes

Essential oils are key components in perfumes because it holds the essence of the fruit, flower or plant in question or its main aroma. Some of the top men and women perfumes would often contain lime essential oils in them because of the citrusy scent it possesses that is not too bad for the senses.

For removing cellulite and varicose veins

In some studies, it is reported that using lime essential oils as a massage oil or if one combines it with lotion can help reduce cellulite. With just a few drops of lime essential oils on their lotion or massage oil, one simply has to apply and massage it on the affected area and use it regularly to see the results.

Some experts also suggest that using lime essential oils on varicose veins is also good. Simply combine a one or two drops of lime essential oil with coconut oil and massage it on the affected area to get rid of them. 

For relieving rheumatism and arthritis

Lime essential oils are also quite good for those with rheumatism and arthritis because it can help reduce the pain and relax them in the process.

For repelling insects

If you do not want to purchase the usual insect repellants for your home, lime essential oils can work just as well. Simply put some drops of the oil in your diffuser to let the scent cover the entire house. You can also mix a few drops of oil with some water and spray it around the house. Citrus is notable to repel insects, from ants to mosquitos, and they are not toxic to children.