Health Benefits of Rambutan

First off what is rambutan? Where does it come from? Rambutan is an edible fruit that grows on the tree by the same name. It comes from the Malay-Indonesian region and other parts of Southeast Asia. We are going to talk about the benefits of this tropical fruit. It is believed the fruit flourishes in warm, tropical climates. Now, that we know a little bit more about rambutan let us review some of the top-rated products.

Fresh Rambutan Fruit

Fresh Rambutan Fruit

Benefits and Uses: This fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C. The fiber may help with various bowel issues. It has important trace metals including manganese and copper. Which is rather odd that these two metals would be contained in a fruit. This fruit is not for sale in Hawaii. As we mentioned before this type of fruit thrives in hot, tropical climates.

Feedback: The first person reviewing this fruit did not have a lot of positive things to say about it. The person gave it a four-star rating which betrays their comments about the fruit. They said you have to acquire a taste for the fruit and you definitely need a sweet tooth for this very sweet-tasting fruit. The fruit is very good for you but you will not naturally like the taste of it. Some people may take to it without having to acquire a taste for it. The consumer gave it a four-star rating because it is pricey. Yet the consumer says you have to acquire a taste for it which means this person really doesn’t like the taste of the fruit. It is confusing that the client gave it a high rating but doesn’t really like the taste of the fruit. The taste of this fruit is the heart and soul as to whether this fruit is of good or bad quality.

Another fruit lover liked the seller (not sure what that means) and thought the fruit looked healthy and the taste was to their liking. It sounded like they would buy this fruit again. They said the fruit arrived in a fresh state. This customer was pleased that the shipment of fruit arrived earlier than he expected. But he noted that he has tasted better rambutan fruit than this bit this batch was still very good. Yet another customer absolutely loves this fruit and will most likely buy more of the fruit because it tasted so good. This shoots down the earlier comment that it takes an acquired taste to get used to eating this fruit. Another satisfied customer who loved the fruit said the fruit appeared to be fresh.

There is an old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and this reviewer gave it a five-star rating and posted an image of the fruit and left no comments about the fruit. The picture showed a basket full of rambutan fruit that looked luscious, very bright red, very fresh-looking, and they looked like they had been watered quite a bit. The size was pretty good as well. The picture told us what this client thought of the fruit that they enjoyed its fresh appearance and they tasted moist and wonderful. Another customer was pleasantly surprised when their shipment of rambutan fruit arrived early and the fruit looked good and was in a very fresh condition. He did not mind the taste of the fruit either.

Now, for the negative reviews. This customer was not impressed with the shipment of fruit he received. He said most of them were not edible and looked like trash basically. He was not happy with his product and he probably will not buy any more of this fruit. This man was not happy with his delivery. He said it was wrapped in plastic than tin foil and it had no chance to breathe. There was plenty of condensation within the package which unfortunately turned it into a moldy Who wants to receive a moldy package of fruit.

This is frustrating because you spend a lot of money expecting to get a good batch of fruit. Instead, you get a basket of soggy, foul smelling and moldy fruit. Would you buy from this vendor again? This consumer did not elaborate on what the problem with the fruit was. They said they were definitely disappointed with what they received. The client said the shipment was a total waste of money and they were not thrilled about what the condition of the fruit was when they received their shipment. This consumer will most likely not be purchasing the fruit again.

Melissa’s Fresh Rambutans

Melissa's Fresh Rambutans

Benefits and Uses: This particular company will send you two pounds of fresh rambutan fruit. The product will ship the next day and it was seasonal. The fruit is obviously seasonal.

Feedback: The first consumer thought the world of the fruit and said the fruit was nicely packed and arrived in great shape.It was very delicious and the fruit was very high-quality. They thought it was a great seller. They were very happy with the whole process. This consumer lives in California and said it was hard to find fresh rambutans in California. Sounded like it was impossible. She ordered from the company and she really had low expectations of what they would ship her. She was surprised when she received the package that it was very well packed and still fresh. She thoroughly enjoyed the fruit and will order from the company again.

The consumer received an order and half the fruit was spoiled. The seller took care of the situation. The customer liked that but what the customer did not like was that the fruit just did not taste that good. The fruit was not as white as they were portrayed in the picture. This could be a false advertisement that the seller is projecting the fruit to be whiter in the picture than it is in reality. This consumer is absolutely thrilled with this seller’s service and fruit. As usual, the fruit came in excellent condition and tasted great. The customer could buy the fruit from their local market but it is way more expensive than the fruit she orders. Also, the fruit in the market is not as fresh as the fruit she orders. This is a sad commentary when the fruit in the local supermarket is more expensive and not as fresh that is shipped from another location to the home.

This customer caught Melissa’s (the seller of the rambutan fruit) in between ships and they had none in their inventory. As soon as they received more of the fruit they were diligent to contact the customer to inform them. The customer ordered the fruit and it was shipped promptly. The customer said the fruit tasted very good. The seller apparently as excellent customer service. The consumer ordered the fruit and it arrived quickly and it was as delicious as the fruit he ate in Malaysia. He enjoyed the whole experience. This customer was not thrilled with the fruit it was poor quality and in his mind too expensive.

This is a heart-warming review. Apparently, this customer is a schoolteacher. She was giving a presentation on Malaysia for her class and she ordered the fruit from Melissa’s. The order came promptly nut the fruit did have minimal bruising but was ok otherwise. The teacher wrapped them in paper towels in double layers and refrigerated them. The fruit was stored for about 7 days and preserved well with only minimal browning.

She had rinsed them in vinegar-water which helped to keep them fresh. She brought them to the class which there were about 40 kids present. The fruit was very juicy and sweet and the kids really enjoyed eating the fruit.They asked for more fruit for their Halloween party. The whole experience was a great success. The teacher noted the fruit was as tasty as the fruit she ate in Malaysia.

Fresh Rambutans

Fresh Rambutans

Benefits and Uses: Another detailed description of the product! The fruit is obviously seasonal and this company ships it two-day priority. The company only ships the fruit Monday thru Wednesday. Just from this brief description t seems like this company does not have as good as customer service as the other company did. They do not put a priority on getting the fruit quickly to their customers and they only ship 3 days a week.

This could be limiting if the customer (and most do) wants the fruit as soon as they can get it. Fruit is highly perishable and having to ship it longer than is necessary is not a good practice especially when shipping fruit. You need to ship the fruit to the customer as soon as you can. People order this fruit all the time and they expect to be able to have it shipped to them 5 days a week.

Feedback: The first customer received his fruit via UPS 2nd day. The box was crushed and the fruit in terrible condition. He calls UPS and they tell him they received the box that way. UPS put the ticker or the seller put the sticker on the shipment indicating the shipment was damaged. Who put the sticker on? The customer had a good point when he wondered when the sticker was put on the box. But why would the seller ship their product in that poor condition? They keep doing that and they will be out of business in no time.

This customer picked up the fruit before in New York City where it was pretty fresh. He orders it now and the shipment has to travel a long way to get to him. He said some of the freshness is lost as the fruit travels for a long time over a great distance. This is why the seller needs to ship the fruit overnight not two days to the customer. The seller doesn’t seem to be concerned about the extra shipping time it takes to get the fruit to the customer. Another customer realizes the fruit will not be as fresh as he bought in Thailand because the fruit is not grown in the United States. But he accepts this is the best he will find. They lasted a week which reminded the customer how much he liked the fruit. It also gave him the opportunity to share them with friends in Texas. So, they would see what they have been missing all along.

his customer did not .have a fun experience with this fruit shipment. They were glad the fruit came so quickly but half the fruit was rotten in the shipment. The customer was not happy. This is understandable you pay money for a product and you expect it to come to your house in pristine condition, not half the shipment rotted. Another customer was not happy with the fruit at all. The fruit spoiled after only five days. The customer bit into the fruit and the flesh around the seed kept coming off. The customer likes to eat the flesh around the seed so they were not really impressed. Like it was mentioned earlier this company’s customer service is not as good as Melissa’s customer service

Fruit King Rambutan Vacuum Freeze-dried

Fruit King Rambutan Vacuum Freeze-dried

Benefits and Uses: This is a different take on the fruit. This is freeze-dried rambutan that comes in a pouch. The product is shipped from Thailand which may cost the consumer a bundle in shipping costs. The package is small but it has to ship a very long way to get to the United States. It is a high-quality fruit that contains no cholesterol only natural ingredients.

Feedback: The first consumer thought the fruit was very sweet and had a nice texture to it. Her only lament is that this kind of healthy snack is not sold in the local supermarket. She would rather see this dried freeze fruit sold in the stores than potato chips and other unhealthy snacks. This is her opinion and not the majority opinion. The other consumer was not amazed by the taste of this dried freeze fruit and he bought it just to see what it would taste like. It wasn’t very tasteful. He thought the 2-ounce pack was very expensive considering you don’t get a lot of dried fruit in the pouch.

Aroy-d Rambutan in Syrup

Aroy-d Rambutan in Syrup

Benefits and Uses: The product comes saturated in syrup. This may give it an even sweeter taste than the fruit already has. It comes with 6 individual rambutan fruits per can. The product had no reviews so there was no customer feedback to be given to this particular product. So, this means either the product is too new to have any reviews or the consumers who may have purchased the product just did not give any reviews.

Feedback: Please note this is author feedback only. This is a concern because this company did not put anything in the description other than “Aroy-d Rambutan in syrup 6”. They did not say how long it would take to get the product to the consumer; they did not say who would ship the product or where it was coming from. There is no list of ingredients given or any benefits listed for the product. There was any customer feedback so you don’t really know if the product is good quality or poor quality. If you have a problem with the fruit there is no contact information for the company that makes this product. You have no money back guarantee and without any comments, on the product which makes it a hard choice to know whether to buy the product or not.

An ingredient list would be helpful so the customer knows what he is buying. You know nothing about the product or the fruit in the product and you don’t know if the company is known for producing good quality products or not. You have no idea what their customer service is like either. This product gives so little information it would be very difficult to want to buy the product. You don’t even if you can trust the company.

Freeze Dried Rambutan Blissful Life Asian Fruit

Freeze Dried Rambutan Blissful Life Asian Fruit

Benefits and Uses: This is a product of Thailand and it is freeze dried rambutan that is 100% all natural fruit with no artificial ingredients added to it. No sweeteners or other additives contained in the product. You get the real natural taste of the fruit in this freeze-dried product. It is portrayed as a healthy snack and is a high-quality freeze-dried fruit. It as 60 calories and it contains no fat. s claim as a healthy snack food is validated. The company gives you some information which will help the consumer to make a more intelligent decision based on some information provided.

Feedback: There were no customer reviews written for this product. This would make it a little harder for a consumer to make an informed decision as to whether they should buy this product or not There are no experiences listed by other consumers for a potential customer to rely on. The customer knows nothing of what the product tastes like or whether the ingredients are healthy for the customer not. This company was a little better at giving a product description.


Now, you have a little more awareness of rambutan fruit. It comes in a couple of different ways that it can be eaten. It is a fruit that is produced mainly in Southeast Asia and it does not look like it is produced anywhere in the United States. You have a few purchasing options to choose from. If you have never tried this fruit here is your chance. If you have eaten this fruit before but you could not find where to buy it well you have come to the right place. Read the article and you can find out some places you can now purchase this fruit from.