Use Castor Oil For Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows? Check.

Thick curled eyelashes? Check.

If only we’re born with gorgeous eyebrows and thick long lashes, right? I guess those two checks would have been a reality. Of course, reality bites, and not everyone has great genes that will make them have gorgeous brows like Cara Delivigne’s and highly coveted eyelashes like Megan Fox’s or Mila Kunis’.

So what can you do to have gorgeous eyebrows and eyelashes that will give Kim Kardashian a run for her money? Well, you will find this hard to believe but castor oil can be your best friend in this department.

Indeed, Castor oil has been hugely overlooked in the beauty department because of its thick and incredibly sticky consistency, but this essential oil is found to be one of the most effective natural treatments in thickening and growing hair. If you’re willing to overlook its gooey texture, that is.

So what makes Castor oil effective in beautifying your eyebrows and eyelashes? Well, to give you a clear, highly informative answer, let’s dig a little deeper to fully know what Castor oil and what is in that makes it worthy addition to your beauty kit.


The Hidden Master in Castor Oil

According to the popular online encyclopedia that is Wikipedia, Castor oil is a pale yellow to colorless vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds the castor oil plant. When ingested, they say that castor oil possesses a distinct odor and taste.

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which is a type of monounsaturated 18-carbon fatty acid. Because of this compound, this type of vegetable oil is considered a valuable addition in feedstock. In fact, it is pricier than any other seed oils, like soybean oil, canola oil and sunflower oil.

Because of this, Castor oil is widely used in the manufacturing of lubricants, soaps, brake fluids, paint, waxes, coatings, nylon, medicines and perfumes. Castor oil, the food grade kind, is also used as food additives, flavorings, ingredient in candies, mold inhibitors in some food and even food packages.

So you see? Even though this kind of oil is overlooked, it has its fair share of importance in different manufacturing of products.


Castor Oil Deserves a Spot in the Beauty Department

If you know what exactly castor oil contains, you’ll probably agree with the statement above. Castor oil really does provide many health benefits, more than we give it credit.

If rewind to a few decades back, castor oil is used as purgative remedy of almost all kinds of ailments, like cold, cough, fever, indigestion, constipation, tape worms, skin disease and was used even as an antidote for ingested poisonous substances. Decades before the, there was even a time in the past that castor oil was widely feared because of the kind of punishment it was perceived to bring to the person being punished. But we digress, and it’s all in the past now. Castor oil is no longer feared today as it was in the past.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s inside castor oil that makes this worthy of your time and attention:

  • Omega 9 Fatty Acids – These compounds are highly nourishing to the hair, hair follicles and their surrounding skin. It’s a component that gives castor oil the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and pores so this explains why it’s so powerful in stimulating hair growth. And if it works on your hair, then it will certainly work in growing your eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Ricinoleic Acid – This fatty acid contains natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can kill fungus and bacteria that are causing slow hair growth. This compound is what gives castor oil a sticky texture, making the oil an effective way to prevent hair loss. Additionally, when combined with oleic acid and linoleic acid, castor oil is helpful in treating arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
  • Vitamin E – As we all know, this vitamin is fat soluble and is a power antioxidant that can protect tissues, organs and cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals and other harmful substances. It’s also effective in slowing the signs of aging, which is why vitamin E is a popular ingredient in many skin care and beauty products. Additionally, vitamin E keeps the body’s immune system strong to combat viral and bacterial attacks, according to MedlinePlus.

With regards to growing hair, vitamin E can keep the lashes and brows strong and hydrated so hair can grow long without weakening.

Now that you know how beneficial castor oil is, let’s focus on the benefits it provides to two significant areas in the face: the eyebrows and eyelashes. For easy reading, we’ve categorized the benefits for eyebrows and eyelashes so you can go straight to which one really matters to you. We’ve also included some recipes or instructions on how to use castor oil for your lashes and brows effectively.

So let’s begin!


What Good Castor Oil Does to the Eyebrows

Castor Oil

As you have seen in many beauty magazines, thick, deep and dark brows are really hot these days. However, growing your eyebrows can be tricky, especially if you are suffering from rapid hair loss in the brows, have over plucked or shaved your brows or have damaged the roots from using too much makeup. It is also a challenge to grow thick brows again if you have waxed them excessively.

In order to get shapely eyebrows that are magazine worthy, a lot of women tend to go the extra mile just to get the perfect arch or the perfect curve. They shave, pluck or wax their brows only to realize that the roots are damaged and can no longer grow back to the way they used to be. Thankfully, castor oil is here to the rescue. As have already been previously mentioned, this oil is beneficial to the hair and skin because of its rich fatty acid content—a known compound that triggers hair growth. And if it can work with your locks, it can certainly work with your brows.

There are two ways that castor oil works for your brows. One, it prevents further hair loss in the brows. Two, it stimulates growth so you can have full eyebrows that you no longer have to worry about masking them with eyebrow pencils.

So how can you reap both benefits? The answer is simple. You will need the following:

  • Castor oil (cold pressed or regular, or Jamaican black castor oil)
  • Sanitized eyeliner brush, cotton swab or eyebrow spoolie
  • Towel or washcloth
  • Glycerine

To use castor oil effectively, here are the things you need to do:

  • Clean your face properly using warm water. Make sure your eyebrows are thoroughly washed. They should be free of any eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel residue.
  • Dry them with a towel using gently patting.
  • With your eyebrow spoolie, eyeliner brush or cotton swab, dip it into a bottle of castor oil. Let it drip for any excess oil for a few seconds as you don’t want this thick substance ruining your counter. It can be pretty greasy.
  • Apply on your eyebrows using gentle motions like you would when putting on eyebrow makeup or gel.
  • Clean excess oil present in the surrounding areas of your brows using the dry end of your cotton swab or with a tissue.
  • Next, using a new piece of cotton swab, apply glycerine on each of your eyebrows. Glycerine helps in further stimulating the effectiveness of castor oil.
  • Leave it on overnight. Make sure you sleep on your back to keep the castor oil stuck on your eyebrows.
  • As soon as you wake up the next morning, wash off the oil and your entire face using warm water.

Like most natural remedies, improvements do not happen overnight. However, with continued use or if you make this part of your nightly beauty routine, you will growth in areas of your eyebrows that are sparse in hair within five to six weeks.


How does castor oil work?

Knowing what one thing can do is different from understanding how one thing works. In this case, it helps to know how castor oil works in growing your eyebrows for bragging rights.

As already explained, castor oil contains important fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins. When the oil is applied to your eyebrows, all these components work together to stimulate blood circulation around the eyes, including the eyebrows. Once there is improved circulation, the nutrients are then carried by the blood vessels to the hair roots. When they receive the right amount of nutrients, they are stimulated to grow new hair. This results in thicker eyebrows in a few months’ time.


How can I make hair regrow faster?

Because the period it takes to really see results can be quite long, many women might run out of patience. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do speed up the regrowing process. These are especially helpful if you are prepping up for a big night that requires full-on glam from head to toe.

In addition to applying castor oil on your brows each night and leaving it on until the following day, consider doing the following as well:

  • Eat a healthy diet. The kind of food you eat plays a role in the hair growing process. Loading up on fruits, vegetables and protein rich in omega fatty acids will nourish your body and feed your hair follicles the necessary nutrients to grow. Make sure to include in your diet salmon and avocados as they are really rich in essential hair nutrients.
  • Use brow serums. These are products that stimulate hair growth in the brow area. If possible, choose eyebrow serums that contain castor oil as the main and active ingredient. Along with that, consider choosing serums with jojoba oil and almond oil for conditioning and growth.


Castor Oil and what it does to the Eyelashes

Weakened eyelashes are the bane of any woman’s existence. It’s really frustrating to curl your lashes only to realize a moment too late that you pulled some of your lashes or you accidently cut them into half. Adding to the agony is that eyelashes tend to grow slower than the hair on your head. The growth rate is about 1/8 to ¼ inches a month. Overall, it takes about six to eight weeks to really grow your lashes. So slow, huh?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about because as already established in the beginning of this post, castor oil can really aid in growing your lashes full and thick. You just need a lot of patience to stick to a daily routine until you see the results you want.

To use castor oil on your eyelashes effectively, here are the things you need in hand:

  • Castor oil (regular or cold pressed castor oil)
  • Eyeliner brush or spoolie

To apply castor oil correctly, here are things to keep in mind:

  • Wash your face thoroughly, especially your eyes. Make sure that they are free of any mascara, eyeliner or an eyeshadow makeup.
  • Dip your eyeliner brush or spoolie gently into the bottle of castor oil. Let it drip for a few seconds before taking it out of the bottle to remove any excess oil.
  • Apply the castor oil on your eyelashes carefully. Make sure your lashes are completely moistened by the oil. Take care that the oil does not come into contact with your eyes. If you accidently applied oil on your eyes, wash it immediately to prevent irritations.
  • Let it sit overnight. The longer the better.
  • In the morning, remove castor oil from your lashes using baby oil or makeup remover. Then wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

The best time to apply castor oil on your lashes is at night. Although you can still apply it in the morning, it is much more comfortable if your eyes are resting as you do not want the oil to come into contact with your eyes. Plus, the long hours you let the oil sit enhances the better absorption of the oil’s nutritive content. This allows better stimulation of hair growth.


How can castor oil prevent eyelash loss?

How can castor oil prevent eyelash loss

As we grow old, the eyelashes enter a phase wherein they break or fall all on their own. This is a natural phenomenon that is caused by the weakening of the surrounding eyes’ skin tissues. When this happens, the follicles can no longer stick, resulting to sudden breakage or hair loss.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent such rapid hair loss and that is to combine castor oil with other essential oils, such as almond oil and grape seed oil. To make your own mixture, combine a few drops of one or both of these oils into a container with castor oil in it. Using the same process mentioned above, apply the mixture on your eyelashes using a spoolie or an eyelash brush. Let it sit for about an hour or so before washing it off. Because the time is generally shorter, you can apply this during the day for at least two weeks.


Choosing the Right Type of Castor Oil

The success of growing your eyebrows and eyelashes depends on the type of castor oil you use. There are basically two kinds of castor oil:

  • The clear, regular one or cold pressed castor oil
  • Jamaican black castor oil

Jamaican black castor oil is actually a new variant that is generating buzz in women. As the name suggests, this oil is dark in color and is produced by roasting the castor bean. The dark color is derived from the ash of roasted beans. The ash, in turn, creates impurities, mixing the oil and the ash. Hence, the color.

In terms of content, Jamaican black castor oil has the same nutritive value as the regular variant. It still contains a rich amount of fatty acids and phytochemicals at are essential in resolving any hair and skin issues.

The difference between cold pressed castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil is the color and that way it is being processed.

So with that being said, the choice between the regular one and dark colored one is a matter of personal preference. Regardless of what type of castor oil variant you choose, you will still reap the same benefits it will do to your eyelashes and eyebrows. However, if you want to use natural products, go for cold processed castor oil as it is clear and 100% pure than the Jamaican black oil.


Final Thoughts

Growing thick, full eyebrows and eyelashes is now possible with the help of castor oil. So if you want to pull off a beautiful, natural look with less makeup, then you definitely need this oil in your makeup bag.