15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil

What do you mean the outstanding benefits of castor oil? Castor oil is given to a patient when nothing else works. “There are no outstanding benefits to castor oil you may say.” Think again, there are some powerful benefits derived from using castor oil. The widespread misconception is that castor oil is a notorious natural laxative. Another bad wrap castor oil has received over the years, is that it’s only to be used as a laxative.

Let’s set the record straight ! Castor oil has many beneficial uses including for health reasons, skin conditions, laxative purposes, and as a lubricant and the list goes on. Castor oil has been around for eons. It comes from the “Ricinus Communis” family of plants.  These plants are native to tropical regions and grow in the wastelands. They are widely used in Africa, India and the Mediterranean basin. Interesting note,  “Castrol” (the famous oil company) takes their name from castor oil. Castor oil can be fatal but you would have to feed the victim large quantities of this vegetable oil. The recipients died from dehydration not any lethal chemicals found in the castor oil. Castor oil contains, Ricin, a highly toxic ingredient. But this is removed in the oil extraction phase.  

No! don’t Give me Castor Oil for this

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 1

Castor  oil is a very effective laxative as it is known for. It really is safe to ingest it and little children are safe consuming it.(Contrary to popular folklore.) The amount given will directly affect the result on the human body. Typically for children under the age of 2 they should be given 1 teaspoon. 2-12 years old, 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls. Adults can take 1 to 2 tablespoons. Mix orange juice with the castor oil it will go down much easier. Another fact about castor oil unlike most laxatives (which activate in the colon.) is it activates in the small intestine. Within 2 to 5 hours the bowels are cleaned out. It’s a very powerful laxative.

Big Surprise Castor Oil relieves Muscle Soreness  

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 2

This may seem like an epic fairy tale to you dear reader, but it really is true. You go out and plays heavy contact sports or lift 2 tons of weights for 3 hours. I guarantee you will feel like a walking mummy after it’s over. So, where does castor oil come into play? It is a powerful muscle relaxer. It is fabulous for taking soreness out of overworked muscles. You have sore thigh or calf muscles take some peppermint oil or roman chamomile oil and add them to a tablespoon of castor oil. Rub the mixture into the sore muscles and you will have relief from the muscle pain.  

Castor Oil for Joint Pain, Come on?

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 3

Yes it is very effective for joint pain. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of ricinoleic acid , which makes up 90% of castor oil, is well documented. It aids in the decongestion of the lymphatic system. Lymph vessels gather waste materials from tissues and carry them to the blood for elimination. When these lymph vessels get congested they cause many autoimmune diseases such as arthritis. Castor oil clears out the blockages in these lymph vessels and assists them in moving freely again. This can relieve joint pain and maybe fight autoimmune diseases.

A second benefit is castor oil helps to stimulate the Thymus Gland (located between the sternum and lungs.) This gland is only active until puberty then it shrinks and disappears. This helps increase the production of lymphocytes (white blood cells). What is noteworthy is these effects are achieved by applying castor oil topically only. You can mix in cayenne pepper with the castor oil and apply it topically as well.

Fungal infections Beware

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 4

Castor oil has undecylenic acid which is, a by-product of the ricinoleic acid, which helps fight the fungus. Some culprits it will help with is ringworm, athlete’s feet and crotch itch all which are fungus driven. It could be more effective than the azole drugs. But it doesn’t have the toxic effects of these antifungal drugs. Heat some castor oil and apply to the affected area. Of course let the castor oil cool. Do this for a week and you will observe some remarkable results.

Hair Come back  

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 5

Castor oil will not stimulate hair growth on all parts of the body. But it can help with hair restoration on the scalp. Take a bit of castor oil and rub it into the scalp. The ability to  restore hair may be found in the warm oil’s ability to improve blood circulation. Heat the oil until it’s hot to the touch Let it cool and rub it into the scalp. You will see a difference in as little as two weeks.

Castor oil can help thicken your eyebrows (if you so desire) by applying the oil with the tip of a cotton bud. The oil is dabbed on the eyebrow ridge and the eyebrows will grow denser in the scant areas.  It helps hair Loss caused by Alopecia (which means hair loss.) The anti-inflammatory property of  castor oil may the reason why it fights the hair loss caused by alopecia.  

Hair Color Live On

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Castor oil can even help enhance your natural hair color. How, we may wonder? Castor oil can make your hair look thicker and richer. Castor oil is a humectant which locks in moisture. Castor oil will lock the moisture in each hair shaft making each hair strand darker and thicker.

The hair application can be a little involved but it can be done. Wash your hair and towel dry it. Warm very slightly one tablespoon of castor oil and dip your fingers in it. Try and apply it to as many hair strands as possible. If you fashion long hair apply the castor oil in sections. Gently rub each section on your fingers to cover every hair strand.  

Mascara wait a minute

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 7

Mascara, is made to make eyelashes look fuller and darker. Mascara also helps to define the eyes better. The ancient process involves burning vegetable oils then infusing them with herbal extracts and essential oils. The soot is collected off the surface smeared with castor oil. This is a sloppy process but the homemade product is much safer than the commercial product.

Here is how you can create your own mascara using beeswax and castor oil. Add charcoal powder for black mascara and cocoa powder for brown. Remember, this is mascara for makeup. Now, melt one tablespoon of beeswax in a double boiler and add two tablespoons of castor oil to it. Throw in cocoa powder or charcoal powder for your desired color and consistency. Apply castor oil to the eyelashes every night for thicker and darker eyelashes.

It will even extensively moisturize your skin

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 8

So, by now we are thinking what can’t castor oil help with? Now we will explore how it can moisturize the skin and do a very effective job of it. Castor oil is very viscous so it stays in your skin pores and nourishes it with fatty acids. Unlike other moisturizers which will run on your skin and not penetrate as deeply.

Pricey commercial skin moisturizers use castor oil in their ingredients. You can use pure castor oil and apply it directly to your skin. The application of castor oil on the skin can be tricky because it’s so thick. Rub a teaspoonful of oil in between your palms. Rub the castor oil into the skin this way it will form a thin and even layer. A little dabble do you. In other words a little bit of castor oil will go a long way. You don’t need a lot for this application.

The initial application will be sticky. Once you get it to a thin layer it will be absorbed quickly into the skin. Some users like to lighten the texture with charcoal oil. It is applied easier with that addition.

Skin Problems be Gone

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 9

Castor oil can be used to remove warts, skin tags and acne. Warts are caused by viral infections, skin tags develop in areas where the skin is excessively rubbed. Acne is formed from an overproduction of sebum. Castor oil can attack these skin conditions and eradicate them. Apply castor oil with a cotton swab to the affected skin areas. Most of the problems seem to be resolved within one or two weeks. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in castor oil may be responsible for healing these skin conditions.

Sweet Dreams with Castor Oil

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 10

Castor oil seems to help people sleep as well. Today the hot topic is what ill effects sleep deprivation can have on people. But the reality is we cannot force ourselves to sleep. Ideally, we should get 7 to 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. So if you have trouble sleeping what do you do ? Try some castor oil. What? Did you know that castor oil can put you into a deep and extended sleep. Supposedly, people, whose sleep clocks have gone crazy, vow the stuff works. They apply it around their eyes or put it in their hair they swear it works!       

If you are having trouble sleeping then try some castor oil under your eyelids. You should sleep soundly for the allotted time. If you set your alarm so you only sleep for five or six hours you will wake up groggy.  

Castor Oil makes Colic Run

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 11

You sit hopelessly watching your beloved baby writhe from colic pain. What do you do? Try some castor oil. The source for colic pain may be due to gas, abnormal spasms or obstructions in the young developing gastronomical tract. Castor oil supplies relief for babies from colic where many other oral medications fail. Gently rub the castor oil into the abdominal area and before you know it the little one will be fast asleep. Either the analgesic properties or the soporific effects ,of castor oil,  relieve colic pain.  

Your pets are safe

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 12

Did you know that castor oil can heal your pets from annoying skin conditions? You may be able to save yourself some money by not taking your pets to the veterinary. Pets will lick wounded areas on their bodies incessantly. This will exacerbate the wounds further. Plus, the pets will swallow the medications from the wounds. Castor oil can be applied to the wounded areas and will heal the skin conditions on your beloved cat or dog. The animal may lick the castor oil and it’s unpleasant taste will deter them from licking their wounds further. Ingesting the castor oil will cause loose stools.

Castor oil will save that food   

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 13

Castor oil can preserve your food. Yes, it can even save your food. The food industry has used castor oil quite extensively for preserving foods. The anti-fungal property of castor oil is good for preserving food. Many dried grains and pulses are coated with castor oil to preserve them over long periods of time. Another benefit is castor oil is it repels insects that will eat the food. Cowpeas, for example, can be smeared with castor oil and they will stay fresh for a long time. The oil will be washed off by rinsing cowpeas in water.

If you are storing food for survival purposes then you need to preserve them from spoilage from macro pests and microbes. It is not advisable to preserve the foods with chemical preservatives especially if they are organic foods. Use castor oil it could be your best option.

Lubricants Beware      

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 14

Castor oil can be used to lubricate many things. It is one of the best lubricants available and it almost works as good as grease in lubricating moving parts. It can be used in appliances, scissors and kitchen appliances. And it is used in racing cars. Castor oil doesn’t ruin oil so it can be used in cycle pumps with rubber seals.

Look Young Forever

15 Outsanding Benefits of Castor Oil 15

Castor oil is suppose to help as an anti-aging agent. If it is used topically. A primary fact is when skin dries it accumulates wrinkles and  lines. Castor oil can help in eliminating these lines and wrinkles. Rub into your face and look out. You should see results overtime. It will make your skin look younger.

To remove scars you need to rub the castor oil directly into the scar tissue. Be patient because it will take time to see results for scar removal. Eventually, it will produce results. It needs to be used consistently to produce visible results. Don’t give up!

Pregnancies cause stretch marks due to the skin stretching drastically over the abdomen in a relatively short period of time. Castor oil produces more elastic skin and stretch marks don’t stand a chance. Use castor oil the last two months of pregnancy and there will be no visible stretch marks. Use it topically and the fatty acids, in the castor oil, will do the rest.

Dermatologists widely recommend using castor oil to retain the skin’s natural color pigmentation. It works very well clearing in treating uneven skin tone, spots and marks. It will keep your skin looking young and vibrant. It has the uncanny ability to reduce pigmentation because of it’s high volume of omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids hydrate the skin while stimulating healthy skin tissue growth. The result is clear-looking and supple skin.

Castor oil has so many everyday uses it’s amazing. Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing those tired eyes? You know the look like you haven’t slept in a month. Castor oil can help with that problem too. Before you retire for bed at night rub a little bit around your eyes and even on the eyelashes. It works like petroleum jelly and it will leave you looking and feeling  a little more refreshed in the morning.

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The Final Moments


So, as we have seen castor oil has many more uses than just as a laxative. It can be used as a lubricant, eyelash enhancer, skin moisturizer, and mole deterrent and the list doesn’t stop there. Castor oil has been a misunderstood vegetable oil for a long time. Yes, it tastes terrible but even this issue can be coped with. Castor oil is not expensive and it has so many practical and impractical uses.

It really is safe to ingest and it can do wonders for your body externally as well as internally. We have discussed many ways that castor oil can benefit us. It should be a regular household item. It is one of the most versatile products on the market today. Just do a search on the internet and you will find out why castor oil is so valuable. So, let it never be said that castor oil is only useful as natural laxative. It is very effective in that use but it has many useful functions that people don’t even think or know about. Apply some of the techniques we have talked about previously in this article and you will be amazed at what castor oil can do for you and your family.