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What is on a futon? It looks like a sofa but how is it different from a sofa? A futon sofa can be transformed into a bed like a sofa bed can. Generally, futons are cheaper than sofas and they may not be as good in quality as sofas are. It is definitely a cheaper version of a sofa. It is the economical solution to a sofa. But they can still be solid pieces of furniture. They are perfect if you are on a budget or if you are looking for an economical solution to provide overnight guests a place to sleep. You can possibly put two or three in your home if you are so inclined to do so. They may cost as much as one expensive sofa.

DHP Zany Futon Sofa Bed Sleeper, Durable Microfiber Upholstery, and Sturdy Chrome Legs

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Benefits and Uses: The sofa is made of microfiber material that will sit well in a contemporary or classical room setting. The futon sofa will change into a sleeping bed in a matter of seconds with one simple movement. It is perfect for an apartment or condominium and even a dorm room. A dorm room may be a little too small. It will be a fun night sitting on the futon. The sturdy wood frame and strong chrome legs will withhold a sleeping weight of 600lbs

Best Futon

Feedback: The customer says they took the futon right out the box and installed it by themselves. It is nice to have a futon and a bed at the same time. The client is happy with their purchase. It is the perfect height and width for their room. It is soft to sleep on and comfortable to sit on. It is better than the one they bought a Kmart. The customer gave it a robust 5-star rating. This customer said it arrived quickly and it was assembled quickly. It is too low to the ground. The customer said the futon was better than they expected but there was a problem. The futon arrived in a box that was damaged and the back of the futon was damaged as well. The company more than compensated the customer for the damaged futon. Their response was awesome the customer writes.

The customer said the product came and it was hard to get out of the box and the customer managed to get the product out of the box. It was easy to assemble except for one screw on the leg would not screw in. So one leg has two screws instead of three screws. The customer says one of the back legs was damaged but it is hardly noticeable. The futon is a patchy black it almost looks dark brown. The customer said it was comfortable and it is a decent futon. The customer rated the futon 3 stars. The futon came damaged one of the back legs was damaged. The customer could not get one of the screws on the leg I would say this was a poor quality futon that was shipped to the customer. 3 stars are too generous for this futon one star would have been more accurate. The customer should have returned the futon for a new one.

The customer writes a lengthy, negative review. The customer says it is easy to assemble. It is cheap and it looks good in certain places. How can the product be cheap and look good in certain places? It fits in tight places and is good to be put in rooms that are rarely used as a computer room, guest room, etc. The futon is hard to sit on for more than a few minutes and it will motivate a guest to stay short term. He does not know that it will motivate the guest to stay short term. It sounds like the customer wants guests to leave as soon as possible why else would he make this comment? The customer complains the packaging is terrible and he said you will be fortunate if the product does not get damaged in shipping. I doubt the company would put the futon in a box that could be exposed to widespread damage. The customer says the material is cheap and everything sticks to it and animal hairs weave into the material. This may or may not be true. The customer says it took longer to remove the glue from the legs than it was to install it. The customer says it cannot stand up to daily use. The product was made to be used daily so this is not a valid concern on the part of the customer. The customer says the stitching is bad and the futon smells bad. The customer hopes the smell will dissipate. The customer rated the product 3-stars. This is weird based on the negative comments the customer wrote.

The customer says it was a little taller than he expected. But it will still work for them They rated it 4-stars and they did not say why they rated it 4-stars. They did not tell what they liked or disliked about the futon. There is not enough information in this review to make a difference for a person to buy the futon or not. The customer says the futon is alright and it arrived defective. The screw on the back leg was not screwed in because the hole was misaligned. The screw would not catch on the backtrack this was another issue. The client thinks heavy adults would not be able to sit on the futon and adults in general, would feel uncomfortable to sit on. The customer can not say either one of these statements is true. The customer said it was easy to assemble and it is very light. It is easy to carry around if you have to. The customer rated it 5-stars. The customer got everything they ordered.

The customer bought it for his grandchildren to use in the tv room. The futons were the perfect choice for this arrangement. The customer says the futons can take the punishment. The customer rated it 4-stars. The customer does not explain why he rated the product 4-stars.

Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Frame

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Benefits and Uses: The futon can be moved into many positions and it will transform into a queen-sized bed. It is comfortable to sit on as well. The frame is a heavy duty wood and it is built to last a long time. It is a strong and sturdy design that will look good in any room. There is a limited 5-year warranty. The company warns to buy the futons from authentic dealers. The authentic dealer is DCG stores.

Feedback: The customer says the design is sturdy and stable. The customer assembled the futon himself in about 90 minutes. The assembly was easy the customer writes. The customer opened the futon and there was no play or rocking. The futon had no blemishes or marks on it either. The customer purchased a similar futon chair a year ago from a local furniture store and the customer paid twice as much for it. The customer did not say what happened to that futon. The customer rated the futon 5-stars.

Another client said it was hard to understand to put it together but they got it done. It is a nice and sturdy futon. Their guest said it was nice and comfortable to sleep on. The customer rated the futon 5-stars. The customer said it is a solid and beautiful wood piece. It came with all the pats but it was hard for the one person to assemble the futon. The customer did follow the instructions to assemble the futon but it was still hard. The instructions said to have two people should assemble it. The customer agreed with that statement. The client says they cannot switch the futon from “bed” to “couch” mode by themselves they need another person to do this. They take off the mattress and switch by themselves that way. It is strange the client cannot switch the futon from one mode to another mode by themselves. The futon was designed to move from one mode to another mode by one person. The customer rated the product 4-stars but they did not say why.

The customer said she was a short, small female that put this futon together by herself and she said it was easy. The directions could have been clearer on which pieces went with what other pieces. She figured it out easily though. She said it took her 3 hours to assemble the futon because she put the wrong pieces on the same side. Despite this, she said it was easy to assemble. She said it was easy to take down and switching modes is easy and she can do it by herself. This is in contrast to the customer who said he could not switch the modes of the futon by himself. I wonder if they have different models. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer said the whole process was easy and she did it by herself with no issues. It is worth the price she writes. The customer says the futon came in two separate boxes and it was easy to assemble. The customer said the futon was more comfortable to sleep on then their $2000 dollar mattress that they no longer have. It is nice to sit on as well. They deducted a star because the clip that holds the bolt on that makes the futon pivot keeps popping off. The customer is afraid they will wake up with a busted frame and they will be hurt. They know the futon has three positions but the client keeps it in two positions and why the client does this is not known. Why not use the full [potential of the futon? The customer will go to the hardware store to try and find a solution for the clip popping off. The customer rated the product 4 stars. This is good the customer tells us why they removed one star from their rating.

Convertible Futon Linen

Best Choice Products Convertible Futon Linen Tufted Split Back Couch W/Pillows (Dark Gray)

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Benefits and Uses: The futon is a split back design that can be put in a studio apartment, apartment, bonus room, or guest room. The futon is guaranteed to be comfortable with plush nylon and hypoallergenic filling. You can use the split back design for a variety of positions on the futon. It will be a nice addition to your living room.

Feedback: The customer says the futon is alright but it is not a great futon. The customer found as they were putting the futon together that one of the screws had no backing so it could not be screwed into one of the feet. The foot could not be installed on the futon. The customer says the futon feels like it is always tilting forward which is unsettling. The customer says you get what you pay for. The customer rated the product 3-stars. The customer says it is comfortable and it is nice how it will fold out into a bed. The customer moved the box into the bedroom by sliding it into a box. It was a heavy box and the customer had it put together in one hour before the husband came home. The futon is a nice color and fabric and the directions were easy to follow to assemble the futon.

The customer says the bed leans forward just like the other customer had said about their futon. They will put something in the front to balance the futon so it will not lean forward. They have to buy an egg crate/topper because the futon is uncomfortable to sleep on. If you want to sleep on the futon you need the egg crate or topper on top of the futon. The futon does lay flat when you unfold it into a bed. The customer will not buy the product again because it is not comfortable. Surprisingly, the customer rated the futon 4-stars. This is odd after all the problems the customer had with the futon. The futon should have been given maybe one or two stars for a rating. There were too many issues to rate the product 4-stars. Plus, the customer said they would not buy the futon again.

Best Futon Lounger Sit Lounge Sleep Smaller Size Furniture 

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Benefits and Uses: The sofa comes with three positions and it would fit perfectly in a dorm room, apartment or a studio apartment. It has 2 pillows, and it has a black powder coated frame. The mattress may take several days to inflate back to its original form. The mattress will be 5″ or 6″ at normal height. The frame is 10″ without the mattress from the floor and 16″ with the mattress from the floor. The suede should be spot cleaned and it is not waterproof.

Feedback: The customer needed to find a piece of furniture for a weird room that is upstairs in the house. It is a nook/bunny/guest room. They needed a bed to put in there so it could be slept on. They decided on this futon and it is the perfect piece of furniture for the room upstairs. The customer is small and not super handy but they took the futon upstairs. They had it assembled in 1/2 hour. The cushions are thin but the futon is deep. It comes in orange, blue, black, and red which are solid colors. The colors are sort of micro-suede fabric. The customer tried the futon in the store and decided to buy it. The customer bought it on Amazon because it was cheaper. The futon is now the customer’s favorite place in the house and itis supportive.

Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon with Coil Mattress, Navy Linen

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Benefits and Uses: The futon is a heavy metal frame with solid wood arms. It has independently cased coils for comfort. It unfolds into an 8″ bed which is a decent size. The sleeping weight is 600lbs.

Futon Reviews

Feedback: The sofa is nice and the company has come through again. The delivery from the company was great except the delivery man really blew it. He dropped the package at the end of the driveway and he did not ring the doorbell. The customer did not find the box until hours later. This is terrible delivery service and the box could have been stolen. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The sofa is comfortable and it easily folds down into a bed.

The customer said she does not understand where all the great reviews came from. It was hard to assemble and one of the cushion buttons came off. The customer said she nearly pulled her back out trying to put the sofa in the couch position. She watched Youtube videos on how to put it in the couch position she still could not do it. She regrets buying the product. She wishes she never bought it. She rated it one-star.


The article has reviewed some futon beds that are of higher quality. There are all different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. You just need to pick out the one that will work best for you.


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