Best Face Mask for Combination Skin

When using any kind of face mask you must be careful of the type you are applying to the face. You will want that lets your skin breathe through the mask. It should have breathable material that the pores can get air through. Otherwise, if the skin begins to sweat underneath the mask it could cause massive breakouts. This is especially true for combination skin types where certain areas of the face are oily and these could produce an overload of oil if the pores have no escape route for the oils to flow through the face mask. Remember too that some areas of the combination skin type are dry but these areas need to breathe as well to keep the skin cool and prevent sweat beads from building up on the face where there is no air circulation in the mask.

Then you are right back where you started with sweat clogging the pores and acne will develop. Also, you need to get a facial mask that is made of a material that will not cause your skin any irritation because the skin is allergic to the type of facial mask you are using. You need to find the ideal balance between a facial mask that will breathe and one that will not make your skin have an allergic reaction to the material or ingredients of the facial mask. Does this seem like the impossible dream? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to find the perfect face mask for combination skin? Don’t be because we will list some top rated face mask products for you that will meet all the criterion we have been discussing. Together we will start the hunt.

Korean Face Mask Korean Skin Care – Sano Silk Mask – Best Selling Korean Products for Pore Minimizer and Anti Aging

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Best Selling Korean Products for Pore Minimizer and Anti Aging

Benefits and Uses: The company says that Korean products are the hottest trend in the beauty market now. Whether this is a true fact or not can’t be measurably verified. They say their product is so innovative it is a one-step process. In other words, they have refined the technology so everything you need to do to apply their face mask can be done in one step. Keep it simple is their philosophy. Which is good why make applying a face mask harder than it has to be? The company asserts that their products (including this face mask) are known to be some of the most advanced beauty products available today. The reviews will or will not confirm this fact. The face mask contains many peptides and extracts to tighten the skin and reduce those annoying wrinkles and fine lines.

They say this particular mask is one of the best selling products on Amazon and again the reviews should confirm this fact. The company does all the work for you by putting together the best technologies into the face mask. The result will be you will have beautiful and smooth skin. There will be no pores visible for a thousand miles. It is designed to work with combination skin.

Feedback: The customer tested this mask against a famous “mask” that is way more expensive. It is said that celebrities us the more expensive mask. She says this mask makes the expensive mask look like garbage. The expensive mask shredded when she took it off. This one did not and this one tightened her skin and made it feel soft. It did not dry her skin out. She loves it and she loves the price. Another customer has fallen in love with the mask too. She calls it her “glow in freshness” mask. Whatever did that mean? It is working wonderfully for her.

Another client said they could see using the mask once a week but it is too pricey for them. Remember this is the lower priced mask. This lady was not thrilled with this mask. She said it did make the pores smaller and it did tighten her skin. But it lightens the skin and that was not for her. She will not be using this product again it sounds like. A male customer says he was not paid to write the review. But he said this mask is out of this world. He looks 5 years younger after using the mask. If this accurate that is a dramatic change.

This client says his wife enjoys the more expensive mask. They were glad to find a cheaper version so they thought. This cheaper mask dried like beads on her face. It looked like dried pieces of glue on her face. It has a slight aroma so some people may not like it. It did not tighten her pores as it should have. The husband was not impressed with the mask so they will not be buying it anymore. This was not the cheaper version he was looking for. He will stick to the more expensive mask but buy it less often. This mask is on a roller coaster according to reviews. Some people love it and others say it is not worth the money it is selling for.

This client was very disappointed with the product. It came very fast but that was the only good part of the experience for her. It left their skin feeling dry, dehydrated and left splotches on her face. She is 62-years-old and it did absolutely nothing for her face. She thinks it was a cheap product made in China. She will not buy it again.

She will not buy it again. Ok, so this customer loves Korean beauty products but not this one. She says it made her skin few smooth and fresh and even the pores look smaller. This only lasted for a few hours than it seemed like her skin went back to normal. She will not be a long time user of this product. The packaging it came in is terrible because there is no way to keep the product fresh. After the initial application, the container would not close tightly and the product would not stay fresh. She even tried to store it in a plastic bag and that did not work. The product is under $15.00 but if she used it 3 times a week it would cost her $60.00 per month. This is too much money for her to spend and the product wasn’t that good. She stated she will not use this product over the long haul.

Deep Cleansing Black Mask Purifying Face Mask

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Deep Cleansing Black Mask Purifying Face Mask

Benefits and Uses: The product or their black mask is designed to work on every skin type including combination skin. It is safe but effective enough to use every day. It will control oil and remove blackheads, reduce the size of pores, and clean the skin from dirt at the deepest levels. The charcoal removes the blackheads and cleans the skin at the deepest layers removing oil.The mask is made of all ingredients and the company will do their best to help you with any issues you have with the product.

Feedback: The customer said the product is amazing. It cleans her blackheads and cleanses the pores at a deep level. The skin feels soft and smooth after it is used. She will buy the product again when this container gets low. It really works well for her. This customer said the product would not come off. It peeled off in pieces and the product did not clean the skin or the pores of the customer. For them it was like putting wax on hair it did nothing for the customer. The product is a waste of money as far s the person is concerned. The husband bought the product for the wife. She really likes these kinds of beauty products. It worked great for her and she really likes it. The husband is happy because this product sells for a lot cheaper than other mask products.

The customer says the product works great but the peeling off the skin hurts. But to the customer the pain is worth the results the mask product gives. Even if the product works well it is not worth the pain of peeling it off the face after each use. The customer was disappointed because it did not pull out as much acne, oil and dirt as she was hoping. Other masks have done a more thorough job in the past. It also left a red welt on the forehead so she is very let down about the product.

This customer says this must be a different product than the other reviewers are talking about. The person said this was the most painful mask they ever pulled off their face. The face burned for a long time after the mask was pulled off. It was terrible this reviewer said. The person also said either the reviewers lied or they were talking about a different product.

Black Tea Perfecting Facial Mask

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Black Tea Perfecting Facial Mask

Benefits and Uses: The black tea soothes the skin, removes acne, and reduces wrinkles. These are strange benefits that tea can do for the skin it has never been heard before. Black tea is said to protect the skin from premature aging and wrinkles. Polyphenols and tannins are able to speed up skin restoration it is claimed.

Feedback: The first reviewer showed a picture of the mask on her face. She loves the product and says it really cools and refreshes her face. It works well in cleansing her face. She puts it in the refrigerator to cool the mask down even more. It sounds like she is putting an ice mask over her face. She says her skin feels lifted and radiant and she likes the smell of the facial mask.

The next client says the mask does everything it says it will do. She had immediate results from the mask. It makes her skin look healthier and her skin is very clean after using the mask. The mask removed some of the redness in her skin and her skin tone is even now. She claims her skin texture looks and feels smoother as well. The skin looks clearer to her. She has been fighting acne for years and she has finally found a mask that works. She says it is really hard to find a mask that works. It is reasonably priced and it is better than the more expensive brand name masks which she really likes.

The masks smells like tea and the client loves the scent. So far it is working for the client very well. She has used it twice and her skin tone is more even and she has gotten rid of the oily shine on her face. She will update in a month with her progress. This user has never used the product so this review really was irrelevant. She bought it for her sister who loves using tea products. This mask makes a great gift. This is a really ambiguous review and has nothing to do with how well the product worked for the client.

This customer bought the product for his wife and she really liked it. She says it works great and it is a good product. This is not a very helpful review because we do not know why it works so well or why the product is so great. She needs more detail about why the product is so effective.

Nügg Black Charcoal Face Mask

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Nügg Black Charcoal Face Mask

Benefits and Uses: Your skin will be cleaner and the pores will be visibly smaller. This mask is different because it is a non-drying gel that will just wash off the face when you want to move it. It does not peel off like most masks. It saves a lot of pain in the face upon removal. It has various ingredients that are formulated to treat combination skin. The ingredients are almost 100% natural and it contains no harmful chemicals that could harm it irritate the skin. The single pods are good for keeping the product fresh and you can use them on the go.

Feedback: The customer really likes how the mask feels on her face. It is hard to apply because it is so thin. One pod is too much to use for one application. But it seems to be working for the person. Another person says the masks really hurt taking it off and it is a terrible product. It seems kind of irregular that the product would hurt taking it off the face. It is a gel that washes off the face. I am not sure how this can be painful removing it from the face. Another customer says the mask is easy to apply and it leaves the face feeling very refreshed.

Green Tea Detox Face Mask By Teami 

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Green Tea Detox Face Mask By Teami 

Benefits and Uses: The skin will feel fresher and look cleaner. It can be used on all skin types and men and women can use it safely. The antioxidants in the formula remove dead skin cells and fight free radical damage. It will make the skin glow after being used. You do not have to peel the mask off just simply wash it off. It will fight off free radical damage and it will reduce thin lines and wrinkles fighting anti-aging effects. The skin will look more youthful. It has not been tested on animals and the ingredients are mostly organic. If you do not like the product the money will be refunded to you. The company will ask no questions.

Feedback: This male customer takes very good care of his complexion and body. His wife has taught him a lot on how to do this. He uses the product and it cleans the face very well and he says it is a good feeling. The customer says the product works well as it says it would.She had to take a knife and wedge it into the lid and pry it off. She says to try to take it off the normal way. If this does not work get your butter knife and start prying with all your might.


We have investigated some facial masks for combination skin. There are some different varieties and ways the masks can be applied and taken off. The usual ones peel off and they can be painful but not always. There are a couple of masks that you can just wash off one of which is a non-drying gel. For the customers who the products worked for they seemed to work quite well. Some people really struggled with removing some of the face masks off and it really hurt their skin. One customer said they had burns from removing the mask from their face. Others had no issues removing the masks from their faces.