Best CrossFit Timers

The major question is what is a Crossfit timer? The answer: It is some kind of an application that helps you to control your performance during the entire workout. But do you want minute by minute control of your workout because if you do then you will be pushing your maximum limit all the time? There is nothing wrong with pushing your limit all the time during a workout. But some people do not want to be continually stressing as they workout. The Crossfit constantly gauges your time as you are working out. By measuring your time you are constantly competing with yourself to better your times. This is a good thing because it will motivate you to improve your performance every workout. Another good outcome of using the Crossfit timer is you can compete against others to see who can outperform the other during the workout. This should stay as a friendly competition keep this in mind. You do not want to lose a lifelong friend over who can pedal faster than the other.

The Crossfit timer is just the instrument for you if you want to constantly track your time. Let’s say you are running the same course day in and day out it would be nice to see your progress in reducing your running times. On a practical level, you will be tracking how long your workout is as well. This is beneficial to your health as you want to make sure you are exercising the proper amount of time on a daily basis.

You can set daily goals for yourself to improve your performance and the faster you cover a workout session the better shape you will get into. Once you have decided the Crossfit timer is for you then you must decide which one is the best to purchase for your particular exercise routine. You can find many quality Crossfit devices online for just about any purpose. So, think about why you want to use one and then you can find the right model online.

Remember that the price range of these units will vary wildly. They start at $14.00 dollars and can cost as much as $179.00 dollars. It depends on how much money you want to spend on one of these devices and obviously the higher the price the better the quality. It comes down to what you want to use the device for. Some of the more expensive models looked like they were for professional sports settings and some looked they were designed to help the local runner jog around the block.

We can help you choose the right model for your particular workout regime. We have done the homework for you and have listed some of the more popular-selling models on the market today. The devices are accurate and will track the time accurately for you. We will list the benefits and the pros and cons of each unit. Plus we will have real live reviews from people who have used the product on the front lines. Go ahead and check our review list out you will find it just below:

BESTLED Crossfit Interval Timer Stopwatch Wall Clock w/ IR Remote Control

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BESTLED Crossfit Interval Timer Stopwatch Wall Clock w IR Remote Control

Benefits and Uses: This unit comes with multiple functions to help enhance the daily workout. It functions as a stopwatch, wall clock and it will even track your rest time. It has a very nice feature it can be operated by remote control. This means you will not have to et up and manually change or the reset the time readings every time you need to. Just stay on the exercise spot and control the time features by remote control. You could even keep right on exercising while you change the time settings by remote control. This remote controlled device is a real time saver. The stopwatch function can time up to almost 100 minutes and you can start a countdown at any point within those 100 minutes. You can also save up to 10 workouts on the shortcut keys. Let’s say you want to assign your training to key 1 just press one and it will access that training for you.

Feedback: This unit has no reviews written on it yet. But it has a lot of nice timing features on it. It is priced at over $100.00 dollars which may be a drawback to people buying it or not. It has a remote control feature which could help it sell. This feature can be a very efficient time-saving mechanism because you can set, reset, or change your times from anywhere in the space the device is set. You won’t have to get up and change the times yourself manually every time you need to make a change to the time settings.

Flex Timer – Gym Edition

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Flex Timer - Gym Edition

Benefits and Uses: This timer can be controlled by a smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet. Change the times at your fingertips anywhere and at any time. It is ideal for Crossfit, HIIT, boxing, fitness boot camps and several other interval training programs. It has a transparent 4.0″ LED display you can see clearly from any position. The display also is equipped with a robust 95db buzzer which you can hear a block away. You can use a Bluetooth or external speakers to fade music out at the end of each interval of training. You can download a free mobile application to your IOS or Android.

Feedback: The consumer said it was easier to use than they thought and this user is impressed with the unit. He says there is 110-220v global support and quickly connects to Phone and the led display can be connected to without line of sight. It has a nice loud buzzer you cannot miss in a large gym. The le display is easy to read and very straightforward.

He suggests the company should add a rest count to the unit.This consumer is disgusted with the unit. He says it worked great for a time. It as buggy across many platforms (IOS, Kindle,etc.) but after a time it stopped working. He says the device is a piece of garbage so save your money and don’t buy it. He says a $300.00 timer should have decent mounting capabilities but the mounting brackets for his broke before he was able to mount it. It makes you wonder what did he do to the brackets to make them break.

The client loves this timer as the family uses it in their garage” gym”.They use it for weightlifting and Crossfit and it is an extremely light and mobile device to use. He grew up with the MuscleDriver USA which frustrated him because it was too hard to program. He used Rogue Clock and the Fight Gone Bad Timer which cannot hold a candle to this timer according to the customer. Another customer complained about the brackets that hold the clock to the wall. There are only two brackets. When he hung the clock on the wall, the brackets were very flimsy and made the clock wobbled severely. He is leery of hanging a $300 dollar clock 5′ feet off the ground with such weak brackets. He suggests they send 4 brackets with the clock this would solve the bracket issue. The consumer had read reviews of the brackets being low-quality and hard to mount on walls. The customer agreed with the complaints.

This customer says this is the best timer on the market without a doubt, The client says you will not find a better CrossFit timer on the current market.

Another client says it is a powerful timer solution. Short but powerful testimony for the product. This female customer says it is the best timer she has ever used. She went to Amazon and found the product so she could write a review about it. The connection time has no lag from her phone to the timer. You can play your music as long as the application is running in the background.

The beeper is very loud but you can program it to your discretion as you can the heart rate monitor. The customer service is outstanding and she called them to tell them how much she liked the product. The customer service was as excited about the product as she was. But is not the customer service of the company supposed to be excited about their company’s product?

Flex Timer – Home Edition

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Flex Timer - Home Edition

Benefits and Uses: The product is controlled by the smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Very versatile device to be able to connect with these three devices.You are able to Crossfit, 7-minute workouts, and other interval training applications. This device is made by the same company who made the device that was reviewed directly above but this device is a little cheaper in price than that one. It may do a lot of the same basic functions as the more expensive one. It has a 2.3-inch display which is smaller than the other one. It has a buzzer that reaches a maximum of 85 dB compared to the other one whose buzzer reaches a maximum of 95 dB. It works well with Bluetooth or external speakers to fade music at the end of each interval. Free mobile application for IOS and Android just like the other model.

Feedback: This customer liked this device in the public gym so much she went out and bought on for her private home gym. She is still exploring the application. The same phone application controls the big and home version which is convenient for this customer. You can set up a custom welcome message and the timer picks up local time from your phone. It has a buzzer you can set to a limit you are comfortable with. She likes the product.

The customer bought the device for the heart rate monitor. He says the monitors on the site are compatible but they are more incompatible than compatible. He owns a Suunto and a Garmin and assumed one of the devices would work with this device they did not. He spent another $100 dollars and bought a monitor from their list in hopes it would work.

So he tests it once and it works great. It did not work after that and he spent his entire workout time trying to get the heart monitor to work. The customer says he is a gadget guy and get things to work. He says that there is a bug in the heart rate monitor software. The rest of the gadget works fine for him.He is angry about the whole experience. He wants the heart rate monitor to enhance his workouts not take the place of them.

His advice is to buy the product for its other features but if you want a good heart rate monitor do not buy theirs because they need to work out the bugs in the software. He also said the case came a little scratched up but that did not bother him that much.

The client was excited to buy this product because of all the great reviews he read about it. He orders one and it arrives.He sets up the timer and it turns out to be a dud-it doesn’t work at all. Of course, he is disappointed and who would not be after spending almost $200.00 on a device and to get it and find out it doesn’t work. He called customer service and was seeking an answer to the problem. He got their voice mail and left a message. He is waiting for them to respond to his inquiry.

Eu 1.5″ 6 Digits Interval Timer Programmable Led Countdown

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Eu 1.5 6 Digits Interval Timer Programmable Led Countdown

Benefits and Uses: The size of the product is 11″ by 4.3′ by 1.8 ” not a real big device. It has interval functions that include many of the popular interval training applications. The clock mode can be set at 12-hour intervals or 24-hour intervals. It has a countdown or count-up mode and it comes with a programmable remote control which is very convenient to have.

Feedback: This is a very bad review. The customer ran into a very serious safety issue with this product. They unplugged the connector from the receptacle it was in the hot and neutral prongs broke right off. This is a very dangerous safety issue the customer is dealing with. The prongs should not have come out of the plug case after being disconnected from the receptacle the first time. The company needs to address this very serious safety issue right away. People could potentially get seriously hurt from this prong defect in the product.

On the positive side, the client found this product to work very well. They had been on a long search for a sound and affordable home gym timer. This was the second one they tried. The first one had such bad instructions they returned the product. These instructions were simple to understand. The client read the small instruction manual and understood every part of it. The manual was translated the client noted. The timer allows you to program up to nine of your own workout programs and with each program, you can program five separate work out and rest periods. You can also format in 12-hour or 24-hour formats. The client really likes the product.

Leap Interval Timer Digital Sports Stopwatch Countdown LCD Clock for Crossfit

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Leap Interval Timer Digital Sports Stopwatch Countdown LCD Clock for Crossfit

Benefits and Uses: This unit costs under $14.00 dollars so the quality may be questionable. It can be used for a number of gym interval training programs. It is equipped with an alarm and vibrating functions to let you know you should turn the unit off. It has a secure belt clip to fit snugly on the belt. You can either set it to beep, vibrate or beep and vibrate to trigger that you need to end the program. You can measure time to the 100th hundredth second and it will be displayed on the readout. It keeps very accurate time.

Feedback: The vibrating function is very light and hard to feel. The beep function is almost silent and hard to hear some reviewers complained about. They suggest you clip it someplace where you can hear it. They made suggestions as to where they clip it but those options will not be discussed here.

One customer says the price is reasonable and is much more affordable than some of the more expensive timers. This person will keep one in their gym bag and is considering buying a second unit to keep at their desk at work. They would use the one at work to work for 20 minutes then take a break for five minutes.

They feel this would make them more productive at work. This sounds like a very unproductive use of their time at work and it is conceivable the employer may not like this plan. The company will be cheated out of work time from the employee. The customer says the unit can be used for more than just timing gym workout periods.


best Crossfit timers today

There you have it a simple guide to some of the best Crossfit timers available. They range greatly in price. They all can time several different gym interval programs. They can be used at the gym or at the home gym. One manufacturer makes one model for the public gym and another cheaper model for the home gym. You have some options to choose from just reference the above list.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.