Best Concealer Palette

The best concealer palette would include what? The best and most popular colors people would use to conceal imperfections on the body and especially the face. There are so many of these types of products on the market today. The market is flooded with these types of products. How are you supposed to know which one to choose? Well, you can investigate on the internet and read descriptions of what the products will do and what they are made of. Be sure you check the background of the company like how good is their customer service? If they have been in business for a long time then there is a good chance they produce quality products. Do they have a good reputation among the active customers they have?

Contour 10 Color Cream Concealer Makeup Palette by Jouvenet

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Contour 10 Color Cream Concealer Makeup Palette by Jouvenet

Benefits and Uses: The package comes with an ebook, palette, and instruction manual. The company claims this is the miracle color palette which seems highly unlikely. They actually call it an “illusion” concealer. It is able to give you the perfect airbrush look and it will hide dark spots under your eyes or dark bags. It says it will make you look like you have a thinner nose and it will make you look 10 pounds lighter. It will bring out the best features on your face. All of these benefits will occur instantly they say. Maybe all of them except the nose looking thinner and the person looking like they lost 10 pounds. Both of these assertions seem really unbelievable and unreasonable. For this to be the case this would have to be a miracle concealer and that is not what it is. You cannot hide imperfections on a face and make it look like you lost 10 pounds it just will not happen.

They say if you mix the colors right you can hide blemishes, acne and other facial marks very quickly. You design the contour look on the face you want. This sounds realistic that it could be done. They offer 10 mineral-based colors that can be applied to almost any type of skin type. The double ended foundation brush allows you to precisely contour the colors on the face for the perfect airbrush look. And the sponge will seal the deal allowing you to easily blend all the colors together on the face.

The company gives you 30 days to try out the product. If within 30 days you are not satisfied to return the product for a full money back guarantee. This seems to be a standard money refund policy. Nothing special about the refund policy. They supply you with an e-book and instruction manual to help you learn how to use a palette.

Feedback: The product received 3 customer reviews and all three reviews rated the product at 100%. The review said the product was creamy and the coverage lasted all day which is somewhat helpful for potential customers to make a decision on whether to buy the product or not. The other two reviews said basically they loved the product and they left it at that. These two reviews do not say why the customers loved the product. There is no detail given and the comments really do not assist readers to know whether to buy the product or not. Both of these customers gave the product a 100% rating but they did not elaborate on why they rated it so highly. The reasons they rated so highly could have been written in the reviews.

Vodisa 10 Colour Makeup Concealer Palette-Cream Contour Kit- Blemish Face Contouring Highlighter Palette

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Vodisa 10 Colour Makeup Concealer Palette-Cream Contour Kit- Blemish Face Contouring Highlighter Palette

Benefits and Uses: It has ten colors in the palette and they are all colors that blend well to hide any imperfections you want to conceal. It guarantees the best match with your natural skin tone and it applies easily and without much effort on your part. Using a concealer brush makes it a breeze. It has concealer shades for contouring and other shades for illuminating. You can blend the colors together to create the perfect facial look.

They say you can create the mirage of a thinner nose or a higher forehead, or slimmer jawline with the right blending and contouring of the colors. They make it sound like you can change your appearance with these colors. This is highly unlikely that that much illusion can be created in a person’s natural look. You are born with specific features and the makeup cannot create the appearance of those features being changed. They are what they are. You can highlight your best features but you cannot make them appear like something they are not. The colors are made with the best ingredients and they contain no harmful chemicals. The colors are of a creamy texture and they are multi-functional.

Feedback: The first customer has been contouring and highlighting for a long time. Until now, she had been using powdered bronze and highlighter. This product is made of creamy textures changed the way she applies makeup to her face. It has revolutionized the way she makes herself up she says. She says the colors are creamy and they can be used as a foundation. She thinks this is what people are using the product for as a foundation. She says the package includes foundation. highlighter, and bronze. So she doesn’t have to go out and buy these products separately because they are all contained in this kit. This will save her money and she will be buying the product again.

Another customer happily reported that she is able to use all the colors in the palette. She says they blend so easily and the coverage lasts for a long time. She too will be buying the product again. Another customer says the colors are creamy in texture which makes them very easy to blend together. The ease of blending makes it very convenient for her to create a natural look. The container closes tightly so she does not worry about the contents spilling and leaking in her makeup bag. This sparing her of a grievous mess in the bag. She says it would be nice if there was a mirror on the lid of the palette. But she will not dock stars because there is no mirror. She says this oversight does not take away from the quality of the makeup. She will buy it again.

The customer was not happy with this product all she said was the quality was bad. Well, why was the quality bad? She gives no explanation for why she thought the quality was bad or why she didn’t like the product at all. She gave it only one-star which is the lowest rating she could give the product. She really did not like the product apparently. She does not give any insight as to why the product did not work for her. The review is so ambiguous it will not help anyone to decide to buy the product or not. If a review is given there must be reasons why the person likes or dislikes the product. So, others will know what to look for in a quality product or what to look for in a poor quality product.

The person who wrote this negative review gave some solid reasons why she thinks the product is not that good. She says the colors are not creamy at all but they are harsh. She has used creamy products before and these colors are not creamy. She has to use another product that is creamy with this product so she can apply this product to her face. Then the product applies creamy. The selection of colors in this product she likes which is a bonus for her. By using these colors with the neutral colors of the creamy product this product works well.

But she shouldn’t have to use another creamy product so she can apply this product to her face. She gives it a 3-star rating because she is disappointed in the product. Another problem she had was the container is too hard to open. She almost broke a nail trying to open it with her finger. She now takes an object and pries the container open. The container should not be this difficult to open. When it gets to the point the customer almost breaks a nail to open the container then there is a real problem with the container. She normally does not write negative reviews but the cons of this product were too critical for her not to write about them.

Ucanbe Contour Kit 6 Colors Cream Contouring Concealer Palette Highlighting Shading Concealing Makeup Palette for Dark Skin

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Ucanbe Contour Kit 6 Colors Cream Contouring Concealer Palette Highlighting Shading Concealing Makeup Palette for Dark Skin

Benefits and Uses: The product has all dark colors in the palette and is designed for people with dark skin. This could be limiting because the company is excluding a population of people with light skin. What would be ideal is if the company designed a palette that both dark-skinned and light-skinned people could use.

The company may lose a lot of sales because of this limited application. The product can be used for oily, combination, and normal skin types. It is creamy in texture and can help a person illuminate their best features while reducing their worst features. If it is used with another product made by the same company it can last a long time. Here is another drawback this means customers have to buy the other product if they want this product to last a long time on their skin.

This means people will have to spend more money unnecessarily. The company should have made the product to be long-lasting in the first place.

They say to use the lightest color first so you can hide the dark spots and puffiness under the eyes. Next, use it on the brow line and on the nose. Apply it to the cheekbones as well so all of these areas will have a nice glow. They say the kit is very versatile and you can create whatever look you can imagine. It is limited because it is designed for people with dark-skin only.

Feedback: The customer says the product does not blend well or cover as she thought it would. She says it is not a bad product it is just not that good. She did not give it a very high rating. Another consumer says the product is too oily for her skin. She says this is better than being too cakey or flaky. She really did not like the product either.

Another says the product does not blend well it just sits on her face in separate globs of colored makeup. She doesn’t like the product either. She also said all the colors look the same except for the darkest color. It could be that she is applying the colors wrong but that cannot be proven. Another customer says graphically the colors are too orangey. It looks like she took a Dorito and passed it across her face. This is a very negative perception of the product but the imagery really gets the point across.

This is not good because the customer says she can only use two colors in the whole set. She purchased the product expecting to be able to use every color in the palette but now she can only use two colors. This person says the cream contour was very good there just was not enough of it. The client says she used it only once. The colors went on smoothly and matched her complexion very well. She would buy the product again. The daughter of the client has a dark complexion and she loves the product.Another customer likes the creamy texture of the colors.

Cream Contour Palette Makeup kit Contour kit Comprise Contour

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Cream Contour Palette Makeup kit Contour kit Comprise Contour

Benefits and Uses: The package comes with 8 colors that are supposed to be easily blendable. Once the colors are blended they will enhance the natural beauty of the face. The breathable material of the product seamlessly is absorbed into the skin leaving no film behind. The kit comes with 4 highlighting shades and 4 contouring shades that will create illusions of higher cheekbones, refined features, softer jawline, and a thinner nose. It is inconceivable that this product can give the illusion that features are different than what they really are on a person’s face. A Lot of these companies are claiming their product can create these miracles. No product can change the appearance of a person’s natural features. They may be able to accentuate their best features and hide their worst features but they cannot create the illusion of different features.

The product is long lasting which is a good feature of this kit. The company encourages clients to use one or all the colors to create the desired look. The product will cover acne and any imperfections on the face. It will even out uneven skin tones. Again, they say it is a long lasting product. This is not like the other company’s product that says to get their product to last a long time you have to buy another product that same company produces. The long lasting quality should be inherently designed into the product like this company has done with their palette.

Feedback: This was the client’s first palette to use. She said it came with an instruction manual explaining how to apply makeup based on the shape of the face. The product did not dry out her skin like she thought it would. The product is creamy and easy to blend. She is excited she can apply the product to her face daily. She is learning how to apply makeup to her face. She is really happy with the purchase.

The patterns another customer said were easy to follow out of the instruction manual. This client does not wear makeup on a regular basis but she wears makeup on a night out. She wants the makeup to be perfect. She said the instructions were easy to follow and the makeup held up well on the night out. She doesn’t know if the product would last all day long though. But it is perfect for a girl’s night out with her friends.

RUIMIO Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette, 6 Colors

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RUIMIO Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette

Benefits and Uses: It looks like this palette carries the standard colors. The colors are supposed to be a silky powder texture. This is definitely not a creamy texture like some of the other products are. It contains six colors which could be limiting considering some of the palettes contained 8 colors. It is applicable for all skin type and skin tones which is a great benefit. Now, people with dark skin tones and light skin tones can use this product. All the colors can be mixed and matched to create the perfect contoured and blended look.

Feedback: The customer has had the product for three weeks at the time of the writing of the review. She says the contour colors blend well and she likes the powdery texture. The kit is great for the price and she adds you can build the intensity of the contour to whatever level you like. This client said the colors were nice but the product caused her face to breakout. She used the product on her cheeks and that is where the breakout occurred. She stopped using the product and her face cleared up. She is not a fan of this product.


Here we have a list of some solid concealer palettes. We also have reviews to go along with the products. In all honesty, some of the companies claimed that with their products you could change the shape of your features through the illusion effect. Like it has been said several times in this article, this is not feasible because no makeup product can change the appearance of what the natural features look like. The products cannot change the appearance of the shapes of the features either. Check out the products and choose the one that will work best for you.