Best Bronzer for Contouring

The best bronzer for contouring should come in many colors and be able to create the color combination lines you wish to contour on the face. So, the end product will be varying shades of colored makeup on the face but blended enough to mesh together. Having a makeup look that is contrasting but blending at the same time. The beginning design starts out with shapes of makeup painted in symmetrical designs on either side of the face but they are distinct and separate from one another. A contouring brush is taken and the designs are blended into each other to make a finished look on the person’s face. The look is whole but you can see where the lighter shades of makeup were harmonized together. In this article, we will be talking about bronzers the best ones that are available to use for contouring on the face and body.

E.L.F. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, Turks and Caicos

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E.L.F. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, Turks and Caicos

Benefits and Uses: Right along the lines with what a bronzing product it creates a beautiful glow on the skin. The Blush outlines the cheeks to add color to them. The bronzer will contour and enhance the cheeks giving it a natural glow to show their natural beauty.

Feedback: The customer has darker skin and needs a bronzer and blush that takes this into consideration. This product does just that. She has tried other bronzers but they really didn’t work. One famous brand, in particular, she had to really work the product in because it left a reddish color on her face. She didn’t want to look like she was auditioning to be an eccentric clown in a Broadway show. This product meets all of her needs. She has darker skin and she needs to shape her face. She has heard of bronzers that after you put them on it makes the face to shimmer. She doesn’t need to make her face shimmer she wants to shape her face. If she wants to glow she can use eyeshadow, eyeliner or sweat.

This client says she is as natural as they come when it comes to makeup. She likes to keep it as simple as she can and when she saw this product she thought great I only need to use one product instead of two to contour my face. She was annoyed at the misrepresentation of the colors. She thinks the bronzer is way too dark and it would look strange if you were light skinned.

The blush is way too dark it is not the nice pink shown in the image. It is more of a rosy color that if you put it on you would look perpetually embarrassed or at least like you were constantly blushing like you had something to hide. The biggest antagonist for her was the sparkles strewn throughout the product. Personally, she does not like sparkly contour lines she said they look too goofy. She says your welcome because she just saved you $8.00 for not paying for the product. And she saved you hours of work by you not having to scrape glitter off your face.The consumer is being presumptuous here because there are people out there who would love this product glitters and all. Just because she did not like doesn’t mean other people would not.

The customer said it was too dark for her to use in winter because her natural skin tone is olive. She will use the blush to highlight her cheeks in mid-summer when she has a nice tan. She will not use the bronzer that was way too dark. The blush was a little too dark for her untanned natural complexion as well. She thinks it would be good for someone with dark skin it would work well for them. She is not big on blending colors on her face together. She warns to use a light hand when brushing the product out of the container. One light stroke and you will get plenty of product. If you use a heavy hand you will get way too much product. If you continually do this you will waste the product and your money. The product will be used way faster than it should be. She also doesn’t want to look like she is painting her face when her skin is not tan. This why I believe she gave it a four-star rating instead of a five -star rating. She said the colors were darker than the picture would suggest.

This is the second review where the customer said the product was darker than the images suggested. This could be construed as false advertisement on the part of the company. They need to revise the images to reflect the actual color of the blush and the bronzer. Already one person is throwing the product out because the colors were misrepresented in the images of the product. The company may be accused of a false advertisement because like it was mentioned earlier two people have complained of the actual product being much darker than the images show them as being.

This customer has light skin and says the product gives off a precise contour when applied to the face. The colors pop softly on her face. This is in stark contrast to the other reviews that said the colors would really not be good for light colored skin people. They would be more attractive to darker colored skin people. The one customer who had a darker complexion said the product looked stunning on her face. So, it sounds like it comes down to individual perception. Either you like the colors or you don’t. Still, the company is grossly misrepresenting the colors of the product in the images.

There is an emerging pattern here in the reviews. Apparently, the customers are talking about two different color schemes with these products. “The St. Lucia and the Turks and Caicos” are your go to colors. The former is too dark for light-colored skin people as many have noted. The latter looks perfect on lighter colored skin people as many have noted. So, if you are light-colored you do not want to purchase the St. Lucia color. If you are dark skinned you do want to purchase the St. Lucia. If you are dark colored you do not want to purchase the Turks and Caicos because it will not look good on your darker skin tone. If you are light colored you do not want to buy the St. Lucia because it will be too dark for your light colored skin tone. The confusion is now clear.

The customer has light-colored skin and tried the St. Lucia color on her face. She swiped too much and applied it to her face. It was naturally too dark for her. She loves her other elf colors though.

Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit with Light/Medium Brush

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Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit with LightMedium Brush

Benefits and Uses: This is an odd description. The company says the product is not a tester

Feedback: The customer says the order is great as expected and it came in one piece and it was shipped quickly. But why is it a great order as the client expected? It would be helpful if they gave the details as to why they were so pleased with the product. These kinds of generic reviews do not offer any helpful insights into the product. Another client says the Smashbox product they bought on Amazon is not the same Smashbox product they buy in the store. The one on Amazon is a knockoff. What do they mean by knockoff? Why isn’t it the same product? How can they tell it is a cheaper product if that is what they meant? We need details to help us make or not make a purchasing decision on this product.

Another client said the brush was falling apart after the third day. The bristles were coming apart and falling all over the customer’s face. They bought another brush from a well-known brand. This is another client’s favorite bronzer for contouring but they said to use a damp brush for application of darker powders. They did not identify why the product was great or why to use a damp brush on darker powders. People when they suggest to other people to do things they have got to state why these people would benefit from their suggestions. How will their suggestion improve these people’s lives?

New customer says the color is not very pigmented. She probably means the color is not the true shade of what the color is supposed to be. What does she really mean by this comment? The product has poor pigmentation but why? This is not good at all. The customer says the product is not a genuine Smashbox contour product. The highlighter was a very dark yellow and the mother and daughter applied it to their faces. The results were disastrous as they both got chemical burns on their faces.

Chemical burns come on that is very unsafe. The client did not say what she did as a follow up with the seller. They could have gotten some of the highlighters in their eyes and burned their eyes. What if they lost sight in either eye because of the chemicals that burned their faces. This product is very unhealthy and needs to come off the market immediately. The company better refine the product or they could get sued if someone suffers extensive injuries from using this product are serious. The clients who got chemical burns on their faces could sue the company right now.

The clients who got chemical burns on their faces could sue the company right now. Another customer says the same thing this is not a genuine Smashbox contour kit. The powder is different and the formula is not the same as the original product’s formula is. This is not reflecting well on the company if these assertions are true that fake products are being sent to the customers. The company needs to act swiftly to resolve these problems this is a major issue. It causes a breach of trust between the customers and the company. Damage control is in order here. The client just says not a fan and they are going back to their old pallets. The customer needs to elaborate and say why the product is so bad they are going to go back to their old brand.

Another client raves about how good the product is for beginners. She has never contoured before and the instructions that came with the product were easy to read and simple to follow. The product works even better with a good primer. The contour color was perfect for this person’s skin tone but they wish the color was sold separately. Yeah, this is the third time I have bought the product because it blends well if you are trying to get a simple and natural look. This is what the client wrote for the review.

IMAGIC Double-ended Highlight Contour Stick Camouflage Cream Concealer Face Contouring Highlighter & Bronzer

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IMAGIC Double-ended Highlight Contour Stick Camouflage Cream Concealer

Benefits and Uses: The stick is a versatile tool because it can be used as a highlighter and a bronze applicator. It is supposed to amplify your natural beauty. It has a creamy finish that conceals imperfections, highlights cheek areas, and contours the face with the least amount of effort.

Feedback: The amount of product is fair for the price. They offer three different shades for different skin color tones. They have a universal shade that will work primarily with all skin tones. It looks like the other end is the bronzer. A real handy tool to have the highlighter and bronzer on opposite ends of the same tube. Yet without customer reviews, it is really hard to know if the product is of good or poor quality. The price seems very reasonable.

Aesthetica JetSetter Palette Highlight, Blush and Contour Kit All in One 

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Aesthetica JetSetter Palette Highlight, Blush and Contour Kit All in One 

Benefit and Uses: You can use all three together or each one independently to create a striking cohesive makeup look. They are made with a formula that allows the product to go on seamlessly on the face.

It leaves a natural glow that enhances all of your best features. If you are flying abroad this is the perfect traveling friend to bring along. Or if you have a short trip on the subway your friend is well within reach in your pocket or your handbag. It is free of hazardous chemicals and it contains no gluten nor has been tested on any animals. Since when has wheat been put into these kinds of problems. And who is going to test facial powders on an animal? The animals don’t need to paint their faces. Try and apply these to an animal you will not get a good response.

Feedback: The shades are the right color for the customer’s skin tone. She tried the highlighter and bronzer as eyeshadows because she just needs a touch of color up there. The full makeup kit on the go really pleases this customer. She would prefer a darker blush and she thinks the blush was made for people with lighter skin tones. The blush makes a good eyeshadow and the bronzer makes a good eyeliner she thinks.

Highlighter Contouring Bronzer 3D Face Makeup Double-ended 2 in 1 Contour Stick Concealer Full Cover Blemish

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Highlighter Contouring Bronzer 3D Face Makeup Double-ended 2 in 1 Contour Stick Concealer Full Cover Blemish

Benefits and Uses: Basically this product has the same description as the IMAGIC product listed above in this article. It accomplishes the same things that the IMAGIC does. It also has three colors and a universal color to fit all skin types. It has the bronzer powder as well. It is cheaper than the IMAGIC product and does basically the same thing for less money.

Feedback: The customer likes the natural look and applies this product twice a day for a simple natural look. It lasts all day for her and it is exactly what she needs. If you are looking for a more dramatic look like when you go out at night then this product is not for you in her opinion. Other people may find that this product is good for a dramatic look.


We have listed a few bronzer products that are good for contouring. They all seem pretty solid and met the customer’s needs. There was one product where a couple of the customers said it was not the authentic product that they received. They thought they were paying for the real thing but they actually received a fake product. The seller needs to rectify this issue and send the customers the authentic product as advertised. Another couple of customers tried this product and they got chemical burns on their skin. They could potentially sue the company for sending them a product that was an imitation of the real product. The imitation damaged these customer’s skin.