Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews

What can you say about bean bag chairs? Are they really that comfortable? I mean they are chairs filled with beans. They will bend to the form of your body but are they really that healthy for your spine, back or your neck and back alignment. They can be hard to get out of especially if you are a heavy person. They may even wear fast. A lot of them are made out of vinyl or leather will these materials wear out fast? People just do not talk about bean bag chairs every day and it is not the topic of the century. Apparently, beanbags are picking up steam because there seems to be a market for them.

Flash Furniture Small Solid Green Kids Bean Bag Chair

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Benefits and Uses: This is supposed to be a bean bag chairs comfy for the little ones. It is a lightweight and portable design and it is solid green in color. Hopefully, you are partial to green. It has Cotton-Twill upholstery that should make your kids feel comfortable when sitting on the bean bag chair. Spot clean the chair with a damp cloth but the cover is removable and can be machine washed. Wash with cold water but never add bleach to the wash this will ruin the coloring. The safety metal zipper will keep the beads made of polystyrene polymeric in place. The kids will not be able to eat the beads either.

Bean Bag Chair

Feedback: The customer says they bought it for their one-year-old granddaughter. It does not look babyish and it seems sturdy. The color of the real baby bean bag chair is true to the image. It is loved by the granddaughter and she climbs all over it and sits in it. It is a sturdy chair as we mentioned before. The client thinks that it will last a long time. Time will tell if this is true or not. The customer bought this for their sensory child who likes to jump on the furniture. This was a deterrent to that type of behavior. The zipper is locked so kids cannot unzip it and the beans are self-contained so there is no mess with the beans. The cover comes off and is washable it is great for the customer.

Grandma bought it, for her 4-year-old granddaughter and 2-year-old grandson. The granddaughter likes to sit in it and the grandson likes to jump all over it. Another customer who bought it for their 5-year-old son for Christmas. It is the perfect gift and the cover will come off and is washable. The zipper locks and comes with two key. The second customer who brings up the zipper is locked it must be a nice benefit. It is a very nice sized bean bag chair. The customer bought a pink-one with yellow polka dots for her 6-year-old granddaughter but the 11-year-old likes it too. The chair has just the right amount of filling to make it firm but it is comfortable as well.

The customer says they bought the bean bag chair and they used it only 5-times and the outer cover is already ripping. The customer is going to try and return the beanbag chair if it is not too late. But this sounds really off because no one else complained of the outer cover ripping after only being used 5 times. No One else complained of the bean bag ripping after only 5 times. The customer rated it 2-stars. The customer complains that the bean bag chair is filled with styrofoam pellets that the customer thinks they will have to refill at some point. They did not like this at first but now they have adjusted to this feature. The kids like it now and the client is looking to many years of use out of the beanbag chair. The customer says even if they have to refill it down the road. The customer rated 5-years. This is strange because the product description says nothing about styrofoam pellets filling the beanbag chair. The beans are supposed to be self-contained how can they fall out of the beanbag chair. I really doubt the customer will have to refill the beans or that the chair is filled with styrofoam pellets. It says in the product description the chair is filled with beads not pellets.

The customer complains the zipper lock does not work half the time and the outer cover is ripped because of the lock. The customer cannot zip up the zipper half the time because of the lock. The inner cover is ripped as well and the customer really loved the product. The customer says his daughter loves it and he has a messy toddler. They had to wash the cover already but this happens when you have a messy toddler. The customer rated the product 2-stars. He will not buy the product again and he says it is a waste of money. Honestly, $62.00 is a bit pricey for a kid’s beanbag chair. I do not know why the customer does not return the product and get the money back. The customer bought it for their two grandkids and it is a great product for the grandkids. The cover comes off and is washable. The customer rated it 5-stars. There seems to be a hate-love relationship for customers with this product. Some really like it and others hate it.

The customer says there were a couple of these bean bag chairs in the “public reading nook” and they did get used a lot. They were in there for a year and the customer said they lost some of their fluff which really does not make sense because bean bag chairs do not have fluff. The customer says it is nice to take the cover off and wash it. The customer says it is a fine product but yet they gave it a 3-star rating. They say the chairs used to keep you off the floor but now you sink right down to the floor. I do not see how this can happen unless the product lost some filling. The customer is sending mixed reviews in this review. Does the customer like the product or not?

Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime

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Benefits and Uses: The bean bag chair is made of SmartMax fabric and it is tough and resilient. The fabric is stain-resistant and water resistant and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The chair is filled with UltimaX beans that conform to your body, not the other way around. It is double-stitched and it has two zippers for extra strength and durability. The bean bag chair is available in assorted colors so if you do not like the lime green color then you can choose other colors.

best bean bag chairs

Feedback: The customer says the bean bag chair is a good size for adults to sit in. It is 2″x 4″ and the customer says he can sit in it without sinking down to the floor. He does not sit in any empty spaces either. The customer says the bean are sewed in separate compartments so the beans will stay in their own areas. The beans have not leaked out and the back is not self-supporting but you have to put it up against a wall. Most bean bag chairs are not back supporting anyway. The customer says the beanbag chair is sturdy overall. The bottom does not spread out when you sit on it this keeps the chair’s firmness in place. The beanbag is too firm for the customer but that is his personal preference and the bean bag has no armrests but since when does the beanbag chair has an armrest. They are never designed to have armrests anyway. The customer thought he was being spoiled complaining about having no armrests. He said with a lap desk not having armrests is a useless point to debate. The client says the craftsmanship of the overall chair is fine and the chair is a good deal for the price.

This is a sad review for sure. The customer bought the bean bag chair and received a chair that looked like a bean bag chair in essence. The chair did not look anything like the chair in the picture. In fact, it looked like a very bad facsimile of the real chair. It looked like a mush of a chair because it did not have nearly enough filling in it. The customer showed two images of the chair and they looked pathetic. They did not even look like beanbag chairs they just looked like two lumps. It was the same one beanbag chair in both images.

The customer called the company to complain about the beanbag chair. The company gave her the runaround and they said there is nothing they could do about the problem. The company should have sent a replacement or refunded the customer’s money. The customer said they would never buy any product from this company again. In this case, this is a false advertisement on the part of the company. This is not right the company is not willing to do anything about a really obvious issue. This is one of the worst customer service examples I have ever read about it. The customer rated the product one-star and she is very unhappy with the product and the company. The chair was brand-new and it had no shape, to begin with.

Another negative review the customer shared a picture of what the beanbag looked like after 1 month of use. The chair looked terrible and it had lost its shape completely. This customer waited for 1 1/2 years before she wrote the review and I do not know why she waited so long to write this negative review. Why didn’t she try and get her money refunded? She bought it for her mom who weighs 120lbs. She wanted a chair to sit by the fireplace. The customer says the product is terrible and a total waste of money. The customer rated the product one-star.

The customer said and I quote “Never, Never, Never, Never buy this item” because the chair lost its form within two months and it looked like a sleeping bag. The image looked like a sleeping bag indeed. The customer rated the product one-star. Another dissatisfied customer and this chair have the tendency to lose its shape in a short period of time. Out of 692 reviews, this chair averaged 3.5 stars which are not very good. Apparently, quite a few people were not thrilled with this bean bag chair.

Big Joe 0010657 Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair, Large, Cobalt Lenox

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Benefits and Uses: The bean bag chair is made of Lenox material. It is made in the United States and it is imported. The company claims they have heard their customer’s comments and have listened to them. They have made their best-selling beanbag chair better. They have upgraded the material to be thicker, softer, more luxurious which means the chair will last longer. But will the chair lose its form in a short time as the old chair did? The company has put handles in their chair so all you have to do is re-fuf it to return it to the original size. The handles make it easier to transport the chair around the room.

The chair needs to be fluffed up now then like your preferred pillow. The company is helping mother earth by upcycling from their fellow foam using industries while still delivering quality and comfort to the customers. The product is made in a zero refill facility which means none of the materials end up in the landfill. Everything is recycled for future chairs to be made. The company boasts that they give 10% of all their profits to those in needs. So when you buy their product you are helping the local communities. These fine points about recycling and giving to those in need just sound like one cheap commercial in all honesty. It does not ring of being of a sincere sentiment when they boast of these good deeds.

Feedback: The customer says the material is of a good quality and the chair is comfortable. The chair is big and fits the husband who is 6’2″ and the wife who is 5’10” and the two kids can sit in the chair comfortably as well. The consumer likes it that the chairs are made from pre-recycled foam. It came neatly packaged in a cardboard box. The customer rates it 5-stars. It is good for napping in as well. The customer says the chair is a dream to sit in. They bought it with a new sofa and no one wants to sit on the sofa but everyone wants to sit on the beanbag chair. The customer says to get a smaller size because the size they bought is too big and it is hard to move around the house. The customer wanted to know if they could give it 6-stars. This is one bogus review if I have ever read one.

The customer says don’t buy the beanbag chair because it picks up all the dirt from the floor. If you have pets you don’t want to buy this chair. The customer rated it 3-stars. Remember this is the company who told the woman who bought a new bean bag chair. ( Her review is in the previous chair discussion above.) There was nothing they could do for her when she received their beanbag chair brand new and it had no shape to it.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5′ Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag 

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Benefits and Uses: The beanbag chair is comfortable for kids, teenagers, and adults to sit on. It would be a nice addition to any room in the house. It is extremely comfortable to sit on. It will form to your body and it is big enough for two to sit on. The chair is filled with a memory foam blend that allows the chair to keep its shape. The cover is double stitched and is removable. It is also machine washable. The product is made in the United States.

 Bean Bag

Feedback: The review is in essence not very solid. The customer says they had a hard time getting out of the beanbag chair to attend to bodily functions. The customer is a college student, she and the roommates love the chair. The review cannot be taken seriously. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The customer said she used her sister’s account to buy the chair. So the name that is given for who wrote the review is not that person but her sister.

Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag and Large Lounger

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Benefits and Uses: This chair is made by the same company who made the chair in the above review. The product description is basically the same for this one as the one above. The author has left out details in this section for that reason.

Feedback: The customer said the chair came in a cardboard box and when it as removed it was squashed together. It was supposed to return to its original size in 2 to 3 days. 2 weeks later and the chair did not return to its original size. The customer had to take the memory foam by hand and separate it and then and only then did the chair return to normal size. The customer should not have had to do this to get the chair back to its normal size. The customer rated the product 3-stars.


We have reviewed some notable bean bag chairs in this article. Some of the customers really loved the product and were very happy with the purchase. One of the reviews sounded very fake and should be discounted. The author has identified this review by saying he believes it is a bogus review in the content of the review. Another customer received a new bean bag chair brand new and the chair had no form to it. The customer confronted the company about this and the company said there was nothing they could do about it. This is customer service in its worst light.


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