Ab Roller Reviews

So what do you think about ab rollers? Do you take a tire and roll it over your abdomen what? Actually, there is quite an art to using ab rollers and if you use them in the right way you can get your abs as flat as pancakes. You have to be disciplined and keep working at it but the results will be very pleasing to you. The age-old question is how much money do you want to spend on one? You will have to put a lot of time in exercising with the ab roller if you want to experience any notable differences in your abdomen. You probably will need to exercise with the ab roller until your abs start hurting. I do not mean until your abs start cramping so bad that you cannot walk but you want to get them nice and tight and sore. This way you know you have engaged in an intensive ab exercise workout.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Benefits and Uses: This ab roller was reviewed by over 3,000 people so it seems to be quite the popular model. It has safety-designed handles and the unit itself has built-in resistance. The interior carbon engine uses a spring to maximize resistance and give your abs and arms the best workout.

The handles can be removed so the unit can be moved and stored with ease. It offers a knee foam pad for a comfortable workout while protecting your knees at the same time. It includes a spring in the unit for more stability while working out.

Feedback: The customer claims this is a clone of the ” Perfect Fitness” version of the Ab Carver Pro and is not the authentic model. The customer says the foam pad is not like it is pictured. The customer does not say why the ab roller is a clone. Based on that it may not be true that this ab roller is a clone. The client should have given some solid reasons why they thought this was a clone version of the” perfect fitness” roller to give more credibility to their negative review. They tell the buyer to beware but why should the buyer beware? Again. there is no solid support for saying this is not an authentic product but a clone. There really needs to be proof when these kinds of statements are made. Don’t just say this product is a clone but support the assertion with solid information.
The second customer says the same thing that the product is a clone but this customer supported her assertion with facts. The image shows an “Ab carver roller” but she received a “Well setup Ab Carver Pro” is the one that was shipped to her. She says to check the image of what you get shipped and you will observe the difference. Now, this claim is validated because she gives a core reason why the product is a clone.

If the company is sending clone ab rollers to customers and not the roller is shown in the image this is a false and misleading advertisement as bad as it gets. You just cannot advertise a product as authentic and then send a customer a facsimile model of the roller. You will lose credibility in no time. How can a company expect to stay in business when they are sending people the wrong model. This is very dishonest and if it is true the company better expedite the right models to all the people they sent the wrong models too. This will give the company a bad reputation which they may not be able to recover from.

Another client said the roller was too hard to move and that it hurt the back terribly. They gave it 2 months but they gave up on the ab roller because the pain it caused their back just was not worth the benefits they experienced from using the ab roller. They think they received a defective model. She doesn’t know if she was using the roller wrong or not. There were no instructions on how to use the roller. There should have been instructions on how to use the roller. She watched a “youtube” video to figure out how to use her roller. From the “youtube” video she discovered hers did not roll as easily as the one in the “youtube” video. The one she owned and the one in the ” youtube” video were the same make and model. She says the roller is self-explanatory but apparently not as she hurt her back using the roller the incorrect way. Instructions are needed so people will use the roller correctly and not injure themselves like this woman did.

Strike two against this manufacturer because they may be sending a clone product and they did not supply instructions with their product. These are two major mistakes made by the company. This seems highly unlikely if they are willing to send out bogus products to their customer base.

On a positive note, this customer says this is this best ab wheel she has ever used. She used one at the gym and liked it so much she went out a bought one for her home. he works on her abs 5 days a week. She says this product allows her to carve right and left to target her obliques. It also seems to roll easily for her. She shared her workout regime. She seems very satisfied with the product and she implied that the wheel was very easy to roll.

SmithShaper Ab & Squat Rolling Exercise Device Abdominal Trainer

SmithShaper Ab & Squat Rolling Exercise Device Abdominal Trainer

Benefits and Uses: This product is priced a little higher than the other rollers. But it may be justified because it targets so many areas of the body. It is said you can do 25 exercises indoors or outdoors with this model. It recommends you target different parts of your body with this roller when you do this the roller seems to work more effectively. The company claims this is the best ab roller on the market.

The product straps to your back and you can roll up and down a wall to perform your squats. This is supposed to be better than the traditional way of doing squats which the company says can lead to knee and back injuries. The only drawback is that you have attached this unit to the back with straps. This seems like an awfully awkward way to workout. It comes with 6 rollers and it can be used on the floor as well. The manufacturer guarantees the product will not damage walls or floors this remains to be seen. This is still an awkward way to workout. It is a very odd design for your typical ab roller. It comes with a poster listing the 25 exercises you can do on the unit. Included in the packaging our training videos.

Feedback: This customer says they can do their leg workouts anywhere. They run out the door and they can do their squats. They pop on the unit on their back and away they go. They can work on their ab anywhere now and they can do their leg workouts anywhere. The do squats at work to clear their mind and they have knocked 2 minutes off their minute mile. They say they are not fast, to begin with, but this is a major improvement in 30 days. They can do their squats deeper and the unit provides them with an intense AB workout. They thank the company for the product and they cannot say enough about it. This is a verified purchase so the review is authentic and the customer is thrilled with the product. They also suffered knee pain but since using the product the knee pain has vanished. Contrary to the above review this customer was not happy with the product at all. They say it is not effective for doing squats with and they would be better off using a yoga ball. The customer says the unit makes doing squats very easy and really likes the product.

Six Pack Abs Ab Roller with Resistance Bands

Six Pack Abs Ab Roller with Resistance Bands

Benefits and Uses: The unit has a dual design it is a wheel/roller unit. This gives extra stability during workouts. The resistance bands offer extra support and control. The unit can support a person weighing up to 500 lbs. Any skill level will feel comfortable using this unit. They talk about getting “6 pack abs” and they say it takes more than just doing a couple of ab workouts. They offer a manual on how to achieve “6 pack abs” if you request it they will include it in the shipment.

What the company does not tell you is if you have to pay extra for the training manual or not. This should be told upfront if there will be an extra charge or not. The company says the unit will give you core strength and core strength is all that matters. Whatever skill level you are at you need core strength they say. Core strength gives you the posture you want. This has never been talked about before that a person needs core strength.

Feedback: The husband bought an ab roller and loved using it until it broke. This model seems to be sturdier and the wife hopes she can use it as well as the husband using it. They are striving for the elusive ‘6 pack abs”. This mother of three had lost the energy and did not have the time to workout. But this unit provides her with an intense workout she has time for. This customer was down on the product because theirs came with no resistant bars. You cannot blame them for giving this a one-star rating. The customer really needs to have those resistance bands.

This is a contrast the husband is 6′ 4″ and his wife is a foot shorter at 5’ 4″ but they both love using this product. It gives them the perfect tension whatever that is supposed to mean. The husband put the unit together in no time. He says he gets good workouts using the unit. He even uses it on a hardwood floor. I wonder if he is damaging the floor using this on it?

This customer has used ab rollers before but they always hurt the lower back. This ab roller with the resistant bands prevents the back from being injured. The person loves this ab roller for the first time they have no lower back pain while working out. They really like the product.

This customer says the product will define the abs in a very short time. They say ” No pain no gain.” They seem to have experienced the benefits of the roller rather quickly. They did not say how long it took for them to see results though. This may or may not be suspect. You would think the person would say how long it took them to see results on their abs from using the roller. Most of the reviews for the product were pretty optimistic there were a few negative comments but this has to be expected. This roller could be worth the price.

DiBoBo Ab Wheel Roller for Men and Women – Best Cardio Workout Exercise for Home Fitness and Gym

DiBoBo Ab Wheel Roller for Men and Women – Best Cardio Workout Exercise for Home Fitness and Gym

Benefits and Uses: This ab wheel looks like it has plastic rollers over the actual wheels. This could be a good design because it will protect floor surfaces from being scratched. It looks cheap but it is practical. The company says (they usually do) you will get quicker results, achieve your fitness goals sooner, and get the most intense ab workout you can. You can use the unit either on the floor or on the wall and really feel the burn of calories. How do you feel the burn of calories?

How do you use the unit on the wall when there are no straps to attach to the back? This would be extremely hard to accomplish probably impossible. The unit is made from the most durable materials and you can workout safely and you won’t slip using the device. It can be used by people of all skill levels. It is super lightweight and you can store it anywhere. It will not take up a lot of room. It is simple to assemble and even easier to disassemble.

Feedback: This person has an unusual complaint about the product. They cannot use it because it has a weird chemical smell that gets to be obnoxious for them. They put the unit outside in the sun and in the breeze but the chemical smell stayed with the unit. They have bought ones made in America before and those units never had the chemical smell. Because of the smell they can not recommend the unit to other customers. This could be a very harmful smell if it is chemical and who knows what it could do to a person over the long run if they work out with the unit and smell the chemicals. The company needs to address this issue soon or they may be sued for medical damages.

The next customer said nothing about a chemical smell and they said they could feel the burn from using the unit. It gave her a good ab workout and the unit was easy to put together and to take apart. It is easy to roll and she tried it on a thin carpet. The carpet made it harder to roll the unit and she had to work harder to roll the unit. This could be beneficial though because you have to work harder to roll the ab roller.

Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine, Portable Crunch Trainer Workout Home Gym Equipment (US STOCK)

Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine, Portable Crunch Trainer Workout Home Gym Equipment (US STOCK)

Benefits and Uses: It can be used to target the abs and then you can simply flip it over and engage in a total body workout. Very beneficial to be able to have these two critical options. The design includes a strong steel. You can use the unit without hurting yourself doing crunches.

Feedback: The customer says they received the product and put it together easily. They felt the burn s they worked on their abs. Their problem areas are their stomach and their arms. They noted that they bought some weights as well. It sounds like the person is serious about getting into shape. They did not say if they had seen any benefits from using the unit.


A myriad of choices for picking the best ab roller machine. They come in all sizes and shapes and prices as well. Two things that stood out as never having been experienced before. The company who may have been sending thousands of customers a clone ab roller and the individual who said they could not use their ab roller because of an awful chemical smell. In between these weird tales, there were some positive reviews on the ab rollers and some customers saw benefits from working out fairly quickly. Keep in mind, no matter which ab roller you buy you will have to stay disciplined and keep working out until you get the abs you have always dreamed of having.


Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.