16 Amazing Beauty Uses for Jojoba Oil

If you visit a beauty store, you’ve probably noticed lots of products with jojoba oil (pronounced as ho-ho-ba) in them. So what exactly is jojoba oil and why is it being extensively used in the beauty industry?

To start off, jojoba oil isn’t actually an oil despite its given name. Rather, it’s a wax-like liquid extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. The extracted liquid is then used to produce a wide range of Jojoba products that benefit its’ consumers in more ways than you could ever imagine. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth a try or not, check out these amazing benefits you get when you use Jojoba oil.

Jojoba Oil uses and benefits for skin and face

1. Use as a Body Oil

One of the reasons jojoba oil is popular is that it can be applied on the body. If you want your skin to feel soft and supple, just drop a small amount on your palm and then lather it all over your body.

If you want to hydrate your skin, especially after a long day under the sun, apply jojoba oil before you step into the shower or into the tub. Wait for a few minutes to let your skin absorb the oil and then bathe. Doing this will moisturize your body so you can skip applying lotion afterwards.

Another reason jojoba oil is great for the body is that it can be used as a massage oil instead of your regular oil. It’s non-greasy so it’s less messy. You don’t have to worry about oil dropping on to your bed sheet and staining it. Plus, it has a nice, relaxing smell that will leave you feeling pleasant after an hour of body massage. And because the oil aids in blood flow so after applying it on your body, it’ll leave your skin glowing.

2. Removes makeup naturally

There are tons of makeup removers in the market. When you walk into your favorite drugstore or cosmetic store, you’ll probably find a ton of them all with different ingredients but that serve the same purpose. Some might even be more expensive than their regular counterparts. But why would you submit yourself to the confusion or expose your skin to even more chemicals that are potentially harmful to the skin when you have jojoba oil?

That’s right. Jojoba oil works great as an alternative makeup remover. You don’t even have to worry about toxins entering your skin because pure jojoba oil contains none of them. In fact, using it to clean your face from makeup is better than using commercial makeup removers because it won’t dry your skin. It’ll even moisturize your skin as it cleans.

3. Softens cracked heels

For many fashion enthusiasts, shoes are an important accessory. They should complement their outfits so as to make their getup stand out. But aside from wearing the right pair of shoes, the one thing you should never neglect is the state of your feet.

Keep your feet, especially the soles, well moisturized by applying jojoba oil regularly. For intense treatment, pour several drops of oil on to a basin with lukewarm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. Afterwards, dry them with a towel and apply a generous amount of the oil again, massaging your feet as you go along. Then put on a pair of socks and leave it on for at least one hour or overnight. Once you take them off, you’ll have soft, smooth happy feet.

Having cracked, calloused feet is just as worse as sporting the wrong pair of shoes. But if you take care of your feet, moisturizing them regularly, you can give justice even to a simple pair of sandals. Besides, what good is wearing a pair of pretty sandals or a pair of sexy slingback shoes when the heels of your feet look like sandpaper, right?

4. Soothes and repairs sun burnt skin

Uses for Jojoba Oil 2

Unless you like sporting a mysterious gothic pale look, you probably enjoy sun bathing and getting a nice bronze glow just as much as everybody else. However, long sun exposure doesn’t really bode well for many of us. As a matter of fact, even a few minutes of being exposed to UV rays can have an effect on the skin and you might not know it yet. That’s why doctors always advise to use sunscreen if you know you’re going to be out most of the day.  

Of course, there may be instances that you may have forgotten to slather on sunblock or you forgot to reapply. For cases like this, rub a generous amount of jojoba oil over the areas affected by sun damage. As you know, jojoba oil contains vitamin E and vitamin B-complex that help repair sun damaged skin. This oil can also relieve you from the unpleasant burning sensation with its soothing properties. In addition to that, the oil’s wax-like property can serve as a protection barrier to shield your sun burnt skin from further damage. So it really pays to have a bottle of jojoba oil in your cardboard all the time.

5. Prevents razor burns

Shaving is one of the quickest ways to remove unwanted hair. Many also choose to go down this route because they find shaving to be more painless than using hair removing wax. One of the biggest drawbacks to shaving, however, is that anyone can experience razor burns.

Razor burn is a kind of skin irritation that happens immediately after shaving off hair from the skin and causes a burning sensation with a red rash in the affected area. Sometimes, it can also cause itchiness.

To help prevent razor burns, it’s highly recommended to apply jojoba oil on to the skin before shaving. It’ll provide an extra layer of protection and leave your skin smooth afterwards. If you have slight irritation, dab a small amount on the affected areas for relief. Indeed, jojoba oil can be used as a natural alternative to after-shave products.

6. Soften the lips

Want to have soft, kissable lips the natural way? Yes, you can with the help of jojoba oil. As a matter of fact, jojoba oil is a much better option than using petroleum jelly as a lip softening agent. Because the oil is wax-like in structure, it will help lock in moisture for hours. It also helps in replenishing lost moisture from your lips, making your soft and supple, and super kissable. With regular use, you can definitely give Kim Kardashian’s lips a run for their money.

If you’re up for a little challenge, you can make your own jojoba oil lip balm so you can carry a tube anywhere you go. All you need are beeswax, jojoba oil, some essential oils, a container where you can store the finished product, and these instructions:

  • Melt two teaspoons of chopped or grated beeswax and two and ¼ teaspoons jojoba oil in a double boiler.
  • Stir thoroughly until they’re mixed well.
  • Remove the mixture from heat and add six drops of essential oils (can be lemon, lime, grapefruit or tangerine).
  • Pour the melted wax and oil into a container, either a new one or a used lip balm tube. Top off the tip and let it cool for at least 20 minutes.
  • Enjoy!

7. Reduces dark circles under the eyes

Pandas are cute. But having dark panda-like circles under your eyes is not cute. Instead, you’ll look sick and drowsy. To get rid of dark-colored bags under the eyes, use jojoba oil. Studies have proven that oils, such as jojoba, are as effective as going under the knife to remove eye bags but are less painful and less expensive.

Aside from removing dark circles under your eyes, jojoba oil also works by removing inflammation and minimizing wrinkles with its moisturizing properties, leaving you with smooth and even skin tone after application.

To enjoy its effects, mix equal portions of jojoba oil and chamomile oil and gently massage them under the eyes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash away the residues thoroughly with warm water.

8. Minimizes stretch marks in pregnant women

A lot of women feel insecure wearing a bikini when they’re pregnant or just gave birth because of stretch marks. However, moms shouldn’t feel that way because it’s important to love their bodies regardless of their imperfections.

Besides, pregnancy stretch marks can be reduced to a less obvious size with the help of jojoba oil. If you want to keep stretch marks at bay, rub a small portion of this oil all over your belly at least twice a day. You may also do the same after you give birth to reduce stretch mark formation.

The wonderful thing about jojoba oil is that it also has soothing properties that can help you calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed. This is especially useful if you’re constantly stressed or are experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

Jojoba oil uses and benefits for hair, nails and acne

9. Cleans your scalp

The beauty about jojoba oil is that it’s not only beneficial to the skin but also to your hair. Using this oil regularly can aid in cleaning out clogged and crusted hair sebum that is stuck in the scalp. This results in an increased reduction of hair fall and hair breakage.

Another reason that makes jojoba oil an amazing cleansing agent is the fact that it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help keep your scalp clean and free of annoying pimples.

Sticky buildup in the scalp due to pollution is one of the factors that make your hair feel yucky. But using jojoba oil, which contains agents that dissolves tiny microscopic soil buildup, can remove that yucky feeling and let your skin breathe.

10. Add shine to hair

Many hair experts swear by jojoba oil as a hair serum. In fact, you can find a lot of hair products that use jojoba oil as an essential ingredient to get that highly coveted hair seen in TV commercials. The reason? Jojoba oil gives hair a natural shine minus the grease.

Regular application of jojoba oil onto your scalp helps tame dry and frizzy hair as well as adding life to your dull-looking main. It also smoothens cuticles to reduce flake build up. Another reason to use jojoba oil as a serum is that it seals natural moisture found in the shaft to keep your locks from going dry and limp.

Apart from maintaining the shine in your tresses, jojoba oil also has a keratoplastic effect to help bring out the natural color of your hair.

11. Aids in hair growth

Uses for Jojoba Oil 3

Do you find it frustrating that it takes a really long time for your hair to grow an inch or two? Does cutting your hair short in a certain style scare you because it takes six months to a year for your mane to reach a shoulder length?  If so, don’t worry. Jojoba oil is here to the rescue.

This non-greasy, wax-like oil contains natural properties that give an extra boost to your hair so growth is encouraged. Because it cleans the scalp, removing any particles that clog the follicles, it’ll leave the pores open for new hair to grow.

Hair fall and thinning are also reduced as the follicles are no longer blocked by excess sebum. What this means is that jojoba will not only speed up the hair growth process, it’ll also help grow your hair thick and strong.

12. Acts as a conditioner to hair

Tresses that look dull, frizzy and lifeless is a sign of poorly nourished hair. To reverse this, condition your hair with jojoba oil. It improves hair texture as well as appearance. Think of it this way, jojoba oil works as a hair serum and a conditioner.

To glam up your hair with this oil, massage the scalp and hair with a generous amount. Don’t forget to oil up the hair tips as well. Jojoba oil contains proteins that are essential in nourishing your hair from the roots to the tips. The minerals found in the oil also help fortify your hair from going dull and brittle.

If your dry, lifeless hair requires extensive conditioning, consider adding a few drops of jojoba oil in to your favorite hair conditioner and apply on to wet hair. Leave it on for at least five minutes and then wash thoroughly. To keep your tresses moisturized, use jojoba oil as a leave-in conditioner.

13. Relieves psoriasis and eczema

Irritants and dyes contained in soap often cause allergic reactions and lead to eczema. Psoriasis, on the other hand, is an autoimmune disorder that results in excessive dead skin buildup, which further results in inflammation and scaling.  Both of these skin conditions cause skin itchiness and dryness. When not treated, these can lead to secondary infections.

Jojoba oil is found to be effective in relieving the unpleasant effects of these conditions all thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties. Cracked, inflamed skin can also be treated with regular use. More importantly, jojoba oil is loaded with antioxidants can help strengthen your immune system to keep fungal and bacterial infections at bay.

14. Moisturizes dry cuticles

Cuticles are there for a reason. They protect the nail beds to keep infections at bay. That’s why it’s not advisable to remove them. Yes, it’s very tempting to remove dry cuticles because they can ruin the look of newly polished nails. Instead of removing nail cuticles, though, consider maintaining their health.

Dry, torn cuticles can open up the skin, leaving your nail beds open to bacterial infection. In order to keep them moisturized, use jojoba oil regularly. As you already know, this oil contains vitamin E that conditions your cuticles.

To treat this, dab a cotton or Q-tip with jojoba oil and rub on each of your cuticle after every bath. And once a week, give your cuticle an overall spa treatment by soaking your finger and toe nails in warm water for at five to 10 minutes. After that, pat them dry and apply oil. Warm water allows the pore to open up, allowing the oil to be absorbed at a better rate.

15. Maintains hair color

One of the downsides of coloring your hair is the luster and shine don’t last long. Sun exposure, chlorine in swimming pool and other hair products can strip the color out of your hair, causing it to dry and fade. To protect your colored hair from fading, massage your hair with jojoba oil from the roots to the tips. Focus mainly on the hair cuticles in order to prevent chemicals from damaging your hair and stripping it of its color.

16. Controls adult acne

We all know that dirt and clogged pores are two of the major reasons that lead to acne or pimple breakouts. Thankfully, there are many acne treatments available on the market today. One of them is jojoba oil.

If you’re looking for a natural way to treat acne, jojoba oil is known to be an effective treatment. One of the reasons is that it contains an antiseptic property that kills bacteria, and soil soluble agents to dissolve dirt buildup which would often lead to blackheads.

A bonus to using jojoba oil for acne is that it doesn’t leave any scars when clearing your pores, leaving your face clear of blemishes.

Amazing isn’t it? If you do some more reading about this wonderful plant byproduct, you’ll learn that there are more than 16 benefits of using jojoba oil. Those mentioned above are just scratching the surface.