19 Supercool Benefits of Drinking a Glass of Water on an Empty Stomach

Drinking water when you are thirsty has obvious benefits. I mean it’s 100 degrees outside and you pour yourself an ice cold glass of water. Nothing beats drinking water on a very scorching, hot day. It quickly quenches your thirst but drinking water on an empty stomach! Could there be any benefits from drinking water on an empty stomach. I remember drinking a ½ gallon of water on an empty stomach in about two minutes. I got sick to my stomach and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I wouldn’t say that is a benefit! But in reality that was my fault because I drank the water too fast.

Yes, there really is benefits to drinking water on an empty stomach. In fact, there are numerous benefits to drinking water on an empty stomach. There are a lot of health benefits to drinking water on an empty stomach. We will discuss 16 of those benefits within the confines of this article. Let’s go!


Let’s get started with the benefits of water on your empty stomach!

1) Flushes the Bowels clean

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If you have trouble going to the restroom then the perfect solution would be to drink water on an empty stomach. It helps to regulate the digestive tract and get your bowels flushed and moving again. It will flush your body of any waste.

2 ) Remove those Toxins in a Hurry

Along with your body of waste it will also clear your body of toxins. You drink water on an empty stomach it cleanses your body of all toxins. You are detoxifying yourself and continually cleansing your body. The more water you drink on an empty stomach the more it will cleanse your body.Water also reduces bloating in your body. Once that bloating is removed you will feel so much better and it will feel like you lost some weight. Keeping your body clear of toxins and waste will definitely keep you healthier.

3) Increases the Appetite   

You are wondering why you aren’t hungry because this is really unusual for you. Drinking water on an empty stomach will increase your appetite. So, when you get up in the morning drink a big glass of water and you will wonder why you were not hungry. Prepare yourself a big breakfast you will have no problem getting it down. This is one good benefit of drinking water on an empty stomach if you have had trouble eating this will restore your appetite in no time.

4) Get Rid of Those Headaches    

Do you ever wonder why you have been getting more headaches lately. You know those mind  numbing-head throbbing headaches.The ones that feel like someone is pounding your head with a hammer. You walk outside and the light magnifies the headache pain 100 times over. Then you realize that you haven’t been drinking water in a while and you have been feeling dehydrated ever since that time. It hits you like a ton of bricks you stopped drinking water and you became dehydrated. The headaches started at about the same time. So, you start a new routine and you start drinking water throughout the day whenever your stomach is empty. Suddenly, the headaches are gone because you are hydrated from drinking all that water.

The point of this illustration is that you can drink water on an empty stomach throughout the day and keep those headaches away. Start off in the morning, drinking a glass of water and stave off that headache first thing of course on an empty stomach. Drinking water on an empty stomach will also ward bad breath and oral bacterial infections.

5) Colon Cleansing

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to clean out the colon and rid it of extra toxins. This will help the body absorb nutrients faster and better. If you have a healthier colon your overall health will be better.

6) Say Bye Bye to that Extra Weight

If you are currently on a diet or you will be dieting. You may consider drinking water on an empty stomach because it will speed up your metabolism. Drinking water on an empty stomach can speed up your metabolic rate by at least 24 percent. This means you will digest food faster and more efficiently. This will help you lose more weight in the long run. For the best results drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.

7) Energize Yourself

Do you feel like you are running on empty every day of your life. You get up in the morning and you walk like you are carrying a lead weight around on your shoulders. You are sluggish and lacking in energy in any activity you undertake. So what do you do to increase your energy levels? Drink a tall glass of water (on an empty stomach) this will increase your energy noticeably. Supposedly drinking water on an empty stomach will help your red blood cells to grow faster which will result in more red blood cells in your bloodstream. This results in increased energy for you.

8) Supercharge your Weight Loss      

Drinking water on an empty stomach can help you lose weight faster if you are on a diet. Of course you need to drink the water on an empty stomach. Water has no calories so you can drink it in unlimited amounts without any consequences. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to flush out toxins and reduce bloat. As we discussed  earlier it helps to speed up your metabolism which in turn helps you to burn calories faster. Yo burn calories faster you will lose the weight faster. It is one of the finest strategies you can use while you are on a diet. Drinking water on an empty stomach will work well with any type of diet program.

9) Clears the Complexion    

Do you ever look in the mirror longing for the day you will have a clear complexion? Those days of dreaming are over. Drinking water on an empty stomach will help to clear toxins out of your body which will clear up your skin and remove blemishes. If you have toxins in your system you will have dull skin and blemishes. Having regular bowel movements detoxifies your body which leads to less blemishes and clearer skin. By drinking water on an empty stomach speeds uo this process.

10) It Makes your Immune System Invincible

It cannot be stated strongly enough that water is essential to your overall health and wellness. It is also important for the fluid balance in your body. Drinking water on an empty stomach everyday will help to support your immune system which in turn will keep it healthy and in good working order. If your immune system is working in optimum condition this is great for your health. You will be able to fight off infections which will prevent you from getting sick. Water consumption can heal a bunch of problems. Many diseases start in the stomach and when you keep your stomach healthy you can prevent a lot of diseases from developing Drinking water on an empty stomach is taking a giant step toward keeping your stomach healthy.

The concept for drinking water on an empty stomach originated in Japan. Usually, Japanese people drink four glasses of water in the morning before they eat breakfast. Then they wait 30 minutes after drinking the water to at their breakfast. This water therapy keeps them active and healthy. The benefits of drinking water in the morning are huge. Lukewarm water is the best water to drink in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Water is important in nature and for the human body. The adult human body is composed of about 60%water and approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is made up of water. The oceans of the world contain about 95% all the water on the planet. These numbers are being shared with  so we will realize how important water is to our health and our surroundings.

Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach can Help Relieve Eleven diseases


Drinking water is so critical for you to stay in health. All the organs in the human body require water to function properly and stay in good health. Drinking plenty of water could save your life that’s how important it is to your health.  

Drinking water on an empty stomach is such a powerful treatment that it can ease the symptoms of the following  diseases. Let’s find out how.

  • Drink 4-6oz glasses of water right after waking up
  • Wait 45 minutes before you eat or drink anything
  • Then after you do eat something don’t eat anything else for two hours

The Diseases

11) Hypertension– This is huge when you suffer from high blood pressure you are susceptible to heart diseases and stroke. Either on of these illnesses can be life-threatening. One of the easiest ways of regulating high blood pressure is to drink water on an empty stomach. When you are dehydrated or you don’t drink enough water the body tries to acquire water by retaining sodium. Another major issue is when the body is dehydrated it is forced to close down some capillary beds putting major pressure on capillaries and arteries. The dangerous result the blood pressure will increase. The best treatment to relieve high blood pressure it apply the Japanese water therapy. Drink four glasses of water on an empty stomach for 30 days.

12) Diabetes-  Drinking water as part of a diabetic diet can influence sugar dramatically. In a study involving 3615 men and women with normal blood sugar levels drinking water on an empty stomach was proven to be beneficial in fighting diabetes. The study participants drank 34 oz. of water daily. Their risk for getting  diabetes went by 21%. The lead researcher, Ronan Roussel, PhD, MD, professor of medicine at the Hospital Bichat in Paris, presented the findings of the study at the annual American Diabetes Association in 2011. Roussel, added that an insufficient intake of water could lead to a greater risk of developing diabetes. This is a huge benefit of drinking water on an empty stomach daily and frequently. It is believed that symptoms of diabetes could be relieved by applying the Japanese water treatment method. Drink 4 oz. of water for 30 days on an empty stomach.

13) Arthritis- Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to maintain an adequate blood volume which helps nutrients flow through the blood into the joints. This will help keep joints healthy and reduce the risk of arthritis. Water flow helps to eliminate toxins and other unhealthy materials from the joints. The Missouri Department of Health and Human Services revealed that chronic dehydration can have an adverse effect on our health cause constipation, stomach pain, fatigue and joint pain. The body’s ability to sense thirst lags behind its need for water. This is why we need to keep sufficient levels of water in our bodies at all times.

To avoid dehydration and joint pain you should drink water without feeling thirsty. If you have diabetes it’s extremely beneficial to drink water in the morning. Start this therapy by drinking water on an empty stomach for three days the first week then gradually build up to daily consumption.

14) Constipation- Drinking water on an empty stomach adds water to the colon and bulk to stools. This makes bowel movements easier to pass. If the colon doesn’t have enough water to do its job then constipation is the result.

15) Tuberculosis-  Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to keep the lungs and entire respiratory system in top notch working condition. Lung experts have said that tuberculosis does need special treatment. But in milder cases drinking water on an empty stomach is as good as taking medications. This is a very powerful benefit of water. You can drink four glasses of water on an empty stomach for three months to help relieve the pain of tuberculosis.  

16) Heart Disease- Heart pain or angina is a sure sign of lack of water in the heart and lung areas of the body. Doctors encourage patients to drink water on an empty stomach in these cases. As we have mentioned earlier a lack of water can lead to increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

Dr. Jason Batson, a sports medicine physician with LowCountry Spine and Sport, says that if the body is well hydrated it is easier for the heart to pump blood through the whole body. If there is a lack of water in the body then the heart has to work much harder to pump blood to all the systems. This will lead to heart disease. Therapy for heart disease is the same as with blood pressure, drink water on an empty stomach, in the morning for 30 days.

17) Headache- A headache is one of the very first signs that the body is lacking in water content. A study concluded that drinking water on an empty stomach reduces considerably the intensity and longevity of headaches. Dr. Mark Spigt, the lead researcher, published these findings in the European Journal of Neurology.

18) Kidney Stones- These can be one of the most painful conditions a person can experience. You have excruciating pain in the lower part of your back where the kidneys are positioned. You have severe stomach pain and you feel like throwing up. Sometimes you will throw up. The cause of kidney stones is a lack of water in the body. The result the urine produces waste products which stones can form in. To prevent kidney stones or to pass them easier drink plenty of water on an empty stomach. The Japanese water therapy method is the ideal solution for these treatments.

19) Throat Infections- Drinking water on an empty stomach can even help with throat infections. Dehydration will irritate your throat more. You will have a very painful sensation in your throat. Drinking water on an empty stomach will “clean out” the throat and relieve the irritation. It also eases the pain the throat experiences when it swallows otr the person tries to talk. Throat infections are caused by post nasal drip. Drinking water on an empty stomach will help to prevent post nasal drip from building up. It will keep the irritated walls of the throat moistened and it will relieve the throat irritation.  


Concluding thoughts

It’s remarkable all the benefits your body will derive from drinking water on an empty stomach. It will literally help with every part of your body. It will help lower the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. It will stop and prevent headaches caused by dehydration. The benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach are too noteworthy to ignore. It even helps with losing weight quicker and it will help with digestion and overall respiratory functions. Water helps to rid the joints of toxic material It will also flush out the body of toxins and harmful waste materials. It keeps the organs of the body functioning normally and keeps them in a healthy state. It helps to relieve constipation and prevent kidney stones. The results of drinking water on an empty stomach are very beneficial to say the least.